Maris Racal pokes fun at ‘Pumila Ka’ profile pic caption

January 24, 2022 - 3:54 PM
Maris Racal_Pumila Ka
Maris Racal promoting her single "Pumila Ka" in this photo shared on her Instagram account on Jan. 19, 2022. (Photo from Instagram/mariesteller)

Actress-singer Maris Racal poked fun at a comment made by a Facebook user who responded to a caption of her new profile picture that promotes her latest single.

The songwriter last Friday shared that someone had commented the following in response to her photo description containing her song title, “Pumila Ka.”

“Bakit pipila (sino ka) ba?,” an online user reportedly wrote.

Maris noticed the comment and shared her thoughts on Twitter.

“Huhu title lang po yung nga kanta ko. Pero may point siya,” she tweeted.

The singer later on corrected herself.

“Title lang po yun* huhu queen of typos,” she added in another tweet.

Maris on January 19 changed her Facebook picture with the description “PUMILA KA!”

She also shared the link to her single’s music video, as well as its universal link.

Maris’ single was co-produced by Balcony Entertainment, which is owned by her boyfriend Rico Blanco, and Sony Music Philippines.

The song also features raven, a Filipino rapper and rising OPM act who is her co-artist in the record label.

Maris said that she handpicked him for the rap segments as he was “cool to work with.”

“When I first heard his rap, I was thrilled that it has so many catchy lines and flows,” she said.

“Pumila Ka” has an empowering tune that emphasizes how people need to be more aware and considerate of those around them.

“I wanted to write a really relatable song and I was thinking of everyday expressions that I could build a song around,” Maris shared.

“The inspiration for this song is the Filipino expression ‘Pumila Ka,’ usually endearingly delivered among friends when competing for a crush. I asked Rico Blanco for a dance beat, and so he quickly did a dancehall beat and within seconds, I was singing the chorus,” she added.

The accompanying music video of the song is helmed by veteran filmmaker Treb Monteras.

Its visuals offer a choreography-heavy spectacle reminiscent of the era of early 2000s pop music led Beyoncé, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera.

“Pumila Ka” is Maris’ first song release of the year. It continues the journey of her previous singles “Ate Sandali” and “Asa Naman.”