Ivana Alawi invites Filipinos to live out ‘Bridgerton’ fantasies in QC mansion

March 23, 2022 - 7:02 PM

Actress-vlogger Ivana Alawi is inviting Filipinos to visit Villa Bridgerton where fans of the famous Netflix series can experience the British Regency era through the New Manila mansion in Quezon City.

The vlogger is similarly styled to appear like the main character in “Bridgerton‘s” first season, Daphne Bridgerton.

She also adopts the name “Ivana Bridgerton.”

Ivana reshared a promotional video of Netflix Philippines on her Facebook page with the following caption: “Good day, see you at Villa Bridgerton (red heart emoji).”

She also posted some pictures of her in the mansion on her page as well.

“Meet Ivana Bridgerton. See you at Villa Bridgerton,” the vlogger said with emojis of a blue heart and sparkes.

Other TikTok stars also appeared in another promotional video to invite Filipinos to the glammed-up mansion, such as Pipay (@pipaykipayy), Justine Luzares (@justine luzares), Ychan Laurenz (@ychanlaurenz), Paula Pelaez (@its me paulapelaez), and GaiaPoly (@gaiapoly).

“Welcome to Villa Bridgerton! Dear readers, this author cordially invites you to #VillaBridgerton in New Manila. I promise you’ll feel like a queen,” the video’s description reads.

“You must make haste. Slots are limited so book your visit at www.villabridgerton.com today,” it added.

The Villa Bridgerton is located at 35 Broadway Avenue corner 9th Street in New Manila.

“Bridgerton” fans can relieve the Regency era by roaming around the luxurious mansion with a beautiful string quartet music playing in the background, experiencing a romantic carriage ride, and playing a game of croquette.

The mansion is open to the public from March 25 to April 3.

The series’ sophomore season will premiere on Netflix on March 25.

“Bridgerton” is based on the books by Julia Quinn and it focuses on each of the Bridgerton siblings’ romances and their personal lives. It is set in London during the Regency era.

The second season, streaming beginning March 25, will focus on Viscount Anthony Bridgerton, the eldest of the brood.