‘Designed for kids’: Iya Villania explains tiny house design amid safety concerns

March 14, 2023 - 4:44 PM
Composite shows the bedroom of Iya Villania-Arellano's family (photog.rph via Iya Villania; Instagram) and Iya Villania-Arellano (Screengrabbed from Section Detail/YouTube)

Television personality Iya Villania-Arellano explained the design of their new tiny house as social media users expressed their anxiety and concerns over the safety of their children. 

On Friday, March 10, Iya shared a sneak peek of their bedroom, which occupies the whole second floor of their tiny home in Rizal.  

Iya, a mother of four kids, said their house has “nothing too fancy or too delicate” since it is “designed for kids.”

While others have expressed their admiration for Arellanos’ new abode, some social media users have expressed alarm over the safety of Iya and Drew Arellano‘s children. 

“I understand the anxiety the railings, bed, and windows bring and to address the anxiety, please note that these beds were set up this way only for the sake of these pictures,” the television host explained. 

Iya also said that the beds were stackable and will be set up depending on their need. 

“When we use these beds, it’s only one layer and super wide to accommodate all 6 of us (since we co-sleep),” she said. 

“And for the windows, I guess my children know not to climb out I’d like to believe your children would understand not to as well,” Iya said. 

“If in the future I see it does become a problem, then I will make the changes necessary,” she continued. 

“The house really is tiny (48sqm) so it’s easy to see if the kids are up to some monkey business,” she said.

Iya also shared that they have a playground for children’s active play, noting that the second floor was “really more designed for napping and resting.”

Ikoniq Design Studio and Ikoniq Construction, the team behind Iya’s house, said that the focus of their project is the playground. They said that this was the reason why the playground took about half the entire property. 

Since occupying the house in September last year, Iya said they have been modifying the space to make it safer for their children. 

“As with any new house, there are things you only discover as you use the place which is why my family and I have been testing it out first before we let YOU GUYS use it too,” she said. 

“So far, even my most daring and monkey child, Leon, hasn’t thought of climbing out the window,” she said in jest. 

Iya’s and Drew’s children are Primo, Leon, Alana, and Astro.