Boobay’s seizure on air a reminder to Pinoys to give priority to health

April 21, 2023 - 5:55 PM
A screengrab of Boobay in the 62nd episode of "Fast Talk With Boy Abunda" in this video from GMA Network (Screengrab from gmanetwork/YouTube)

Comedian-host Boobay shocked viewers when he experienced a medical emergency while appearing as a guest on Boy Abunda‘s talk show.

The comedian appeared on GMA Network’s “Fast Talk With Boy Abunda” on April 20, Thursday to talk about his “colorful” life, when he suddenly blanked out and struggled to communicate.

The incident happened in the first part of the talk show, specifically in the “Fast Talk” segment where guests only have a very limited time to answer Boy’s questions.

The talk show host was asking Boobay to take him back to the moment when the latter was praised for the audition tape he submitted for the Kapuso network before.

“How was that feeling? Take me back to that moment nung ika’y sinabihan na mahusay ka and you’re one of the finalists. Anong sinabi mo noon? Naniwala ka ba?” Boy asked.

Boobay, instead of formulating an answer, only nodded and looked at the host.

Boy initially thought the comedian became emotional at his question, but he soon realized the latter was physiologically suffering.

The host stood up from his seat to hold Boobay, simultaneously explaining to the viewers that the comedian was not feeling well the day before the guesting.

Boy then requested a commercial break, which the show said had lasted almost six minutes. During this time, a doctor and a nurse from the network immediately attended to his guest.

The program resumed after Boobay confirmed feeling better.

According to them, the comedian experienced a mild seizure on air.

Boobay then explained that a similar incident happened to him while taping “The Boobay and Tekla Show” on Wednesday, April 19.

“Siguro dahil ‘yun sa ano, sa ilaw din. At the same time, medyo siguro konti pa ‘yung tulog ko no’n, na maling-mali sa ginawa ko,” he said.

“Pero at the same time, sinabi naman sa’kin nu’ng doktor before na mangyayari talaga after nu’ng nangyari sa’kin before (stroke), na ano, ‘di ba, na-ospital ako. After daw no’n, maaring mag-hang ako,” Boobay added.

The comedian said his doctor previously advised him to avoid overworking.

However, Boobay said he doesn’t want to miss the opportunities given to him and that he finds entertaining as his way to rest. He added that he also wants to save up for himself as long as he can.

The comedian was hospitalized in 2016 after suffering a mild stroke. He had to be continuously medicated and undergo speech therapy to recover completely.

Meanwhile, a clip of Boobay’s seizure on air went viral in the local online community.

It prompted Pinoys to remind each other that health is a priority, especially amid the backdrop of the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Boobay, [please], magpahinga ka. Huwag mag-overwork at stress. Matuto tayo sa nangyari kay Chocoleit. Sana mapagsabihan ito nila Marian. As what I heard, super sipag talaga ni Boobay. Get well,” a Twitter user said in response to the clip, referencing another comedian who died in 2019.

“This is a reminder to always prioritize your health. Yes, [kailangan] natin kumayod, we need to work, but all of it will be for nothing if magka-kasakit tayo. Rest if we must. Get well soon, Boobay!” wrote another Filipino.

“Oh no. Buti okay na siya. Please take care of yourself, Boobay. Alagaan natin health natin, guys,” said a different Twitter user.

“Paki-alagaan po ang mga sarili natin. Walang mag-aalaga, magma-malasakit at maga-asikaso sa atin kung hindi mga sarili muna natin. Please, please, pelase, prioritize mental and physical health more than anything else,” tweeted another online user.

Last week, physician Tricia Robredo reminded Filipinos to take care of themselves after her health suffered from overworking.

“My physical health took a beating for it this week, and it was by far, the scariest thing I’ve had to deal with since living alone. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t even drink. I was very weak,” she confessed before.

“I used to think that self-care was abused and overused. It had to come to this for me to realize that it’s not always the case. I respect and subscribe to the hustle, but productivity has been dangerously overglorified,” the physician added.

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In 2021, BBC reported that people working more than 54 hours a week were at “major risk of dying from overwork.”

It cited a study that noted three-quarters of a million people were dying from ischaemic heart disease and stroke due to working long hours.