‘Security had to surround me’: Lea Salonga shares more encounter with fans in viral video

July 19, 2023 - 6:36 PM
Lea Salonga
Lea Salonga in a screengrab of a video posted on her Instagram on July 7, 2023 (msleasalonga/Instagram)

Broadway icon Lea Salonga shared more behind-the-scenes encounters with the Filipino fans who barged into her dressing room without being part of the guest list after her “Here Lies Love” performance.

In a series of Twitter replies, the Tony Award-winning performer shared her initial encounter with the particular fans who posted a video of her refusing to have pictures with them since they do not have authorized access in the area.

Facebook user Cristopher Retokelly Carpila previously posted a video of them entering Lea’s dressing room and insisting on having pictures with her.

One of his companions even namedropped Giselle “G” Töngi, one of the musical’s co-producers, and claimed to be her friend. This was proven false by Lea, who said she approached G Töngi for confirmation.

The Disney Legend on Monday, July 17 described the particular fans as having an “attitude of entitlement.”

“That attitude of entitlement gets a F*CK THAT S*IT from me,” she responded to a Twitter user who shared an opinion that Filipino fans could be “some of the most entitled fans out there.”

“They keep saying that they’ve spent so much [money] for the ticket. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,” the Twitter user said, referencing the caption of Carpila who shared that their tickets to Lea’s show were costly.

“The money you pay for a theater [or] concert ticket does not mean all-access. You pay for that performer’s art, and that’s where it stops,” Lea told the online user.

“I gotta say, the folks at the stage door have been so incredibly kind, which only makes us (well, me) enthusiastic to say hello and spend the time to talk to them,” she added.

The award-winning singer then began sharing more details of the viral incident not seen in the video.

“Oh, I neglected to mention that he and his companions rushed [to] me on the dance floor after the show. Security had to surround me at that point because they got scared,” Lea tweeted.

“Akala yata concert ‘yon, lol,” another Twitter user commented.

“Mas malala for me. Everyone on the dance floor that saw it was horrified and kept asking if I was okay,” Lea shared.

The singer-actress added that she also found out Carpila and his companions were “escorted out of the building,” adding that another of their producers “made sure.”

“But, came back,” the Broadway star said.

Another Twitter user said that Carpila and his companions wanted to take advantage of the situation.

“Gusto po kasi nilang makalamang! They can’t wait for you to go out! Ugh. Swerte na nga nila napanuod ka nila nang live. [Tsaka] pinagbigyan mo pa rin po [ng] pictures kahit na nag-invade sila [ng] privacy mo,” the user added.

Lea also shared how some of the people behind the show reacted to the video.

“When one of our lead producers and our dance captain saw the video and learned about what happened, they said, ‘You were still very nice, if that were me I would’ve cussed at them and kicked them out,'” she said.

“I’m not the type to cuss people out, but I will protect my territory and my boundaries. If I lose fans as a result, so be it,” Lea added.

Some Twitter users presumed she was narrating the “part one” of the incident that Carpila had mentioned in his now-deleted Facebook post.

According to the online user, he was not able to take a video of an incident prior to their dressing room ambush. He described it as a “worse” one than their viral encounter seen by social media users.

“So this was the ‘part 1 na mas malala daw’ that he was referring to in his caption,” a Twitter user commented to Lea with a facepalm emoji.

“Omg, ito po ata ‘yung sinasabi niyang part 1 kuno [niya],” another online user claimed with similar emojis.

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Meanwhile, “Here Lies Love” is a disco Broadway musical centering on former first lady Imelda Marcos’ rise to power and subsequent fall at the hands of the historic People Power Revolution.

Lea is playing the mother of the late senator Benigno Aquino Jr.

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