‘Let us all be nice’: Neri Miranda remembers photo op with Lea Salonga amid viral video

July 19, 2023 - 11:54 AM
Neri Naig Miranda's photo opportunity with Lea Salonga (veryneri/Instagram)

Actress turned mom-preneur Neri Naig-Miranda reminisced about her past encounter with actress-singer Lea Salonga outside her dressing room following the viral video of a fan requesting a photo opportunity with her.

The video showed some fans going directly to Lea’s dressing room to ask for a picture with her. The fan, however, was apparently not part of the singer’s guest list.

This sparked conversations about respecting artists’ privacy and theater etiquette.

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In a social media post on July 17, Neri shared how much of a fan girl she is of the multi-awarded star.

She got a chance to meet Lea in person after watching one of her concerts with her husband Chito Miranda, lead singer of Parokya Ni Edgar.

“Grabe pagka fan ko kay Lea Salonga. Lahat ata ng nakakakilala sa akin personally, maka-Lea talaga ako. Nung nanood kami ng concert nya at sinama ako ng asawa ko. Nagkaroon kami ng chance na magpapicture sa kanya,” Neri recalled.

The Filipina actress pointed out that they did not visit Lea in her dressing room even if Chito knew the latter personally.

“Pero hindi kami pumunta sa dressing room niya. Naghintay kami sa gilid ng stage, waiting for her na magpalit ng casual attire kase naka gown siya nun. Kahit kakilala ni Chito si Ms Lea, never syang nag insist na pumasok kami sa dressing room niya,” Neri said.

“Or kinulit si Sir Gerard Salonga na papasukin kami sa dressing room ng kapatid niya. Naghintay kami kasama ng iba pang gustong magpapicture kay Miss Lea,” she added.

Her opportunity for a photo finally came when Lea left her dressing room to meet her fans outside.

She took pictures with each of them there, including Neri.

“Pagkalabas naman nya, inisa isa nya lahat ng gustong magpapicture sa kanya. And hindi lahat ng andun ay artista or producers, lahat ng andun mga fans na nanood ng concert nya na naghihintay ng turn na makapagpapicture sa nag iisang Lea Salonga. Let us all be nice,” Neri said.

Neri’s post has since garnered 52,000 reactions, 140 comments and 416 shares on the platform.

Prior to this, some fans earned the ire of Lea who politely asked them to leave her dressing room because they were not part of the guest list.

The incident could be seen in a video uploaded by Facebook user Cristopher Retokelly Carpila on July 15.

Lea later took to social media to express her thoughts about the incident and reminded them of her boundaries.

“Just a reminder…I have boundaries. Do not cross them,” one of her tweets read.

Lea is performing in an all-Pinoy Broadway cast for “Here Lies Love,” a David Byrne-Fatboy Slim musical, in a limited run from until August 13.