Andrea Brillantes thanks ‘supportive’ crowd as she opens up to Sabrina Carpenter

July 26, 2023 - 1:25 PM
Andrea Brillantes_Sabrina concert
Andrea Brillantes attending the "Emails I Can't Send" tour of American singer Sabrina Carpenter in New Frontier Theater on July 25, 2023 (newfrontiertheater/Instagram)

Actress Andrea Brillantes thanked the crowd for being supportive after she got to interact with American singer-actress Sabrina Carpenter during the latter’s Manila concert on Tuesday.

The “Nonsense” singer performed at the New Frontier Theater in Araneta City on July 25 as part of her “Emails I Can’t Send” global tour.

One of her guests was the local celebrity who had just come from a breakup with basketball player-actor Ricci Rivero after dating him since last year.

Part of Andrea’s interaction with the pop singer was uploaded on the concert venue’s Instagram page with the caption:

“#Spotted Actress Andrea Brialiantes had her ultimate fangirl moment with Sabrina Carpenter. Andrea thanked Sabrina for her songs as they helped her deal with her current life challenges.”

Sabrina noticed Andrea and asked why the latter was “mad.”

“Actually, I think they know!” the local actress told the singer, referring to the audience.

Andrea then shared the challenges she has been facing in her life so far, like dealing with haters. She added that it was the reason why she loved Sabrina’s songs.

“With your songs, it’s like you’re speaking to them for me,” the actress exclaimed.

After a few more exchanges of words, Sabrina got the gist.

“Oh, it’s a guy? No s*it, it’s always a guy. I’m kidding, I’m kidding!” she said.

The audience reacted and Sabrina said, “You all know this guy?”

When they reacted positively, she added, “How big is Manila?”

Meanwhile, Andrea couldn’t help but cover her mouth as she smiled at the audience’s reaction.

A Twitter user pointed out that it was the second time an international artist noticed Andrea during their Manila concerts.

“BLYTHE ONCE AGAIN NOTICED BY ANOTHER BIG STAR AT A CONCERT,” the user wrote, using Andrea’s second name.

“Oh, the luckiest actress and fangirl tonight goes to you, miss ma’am @iamandrea_b. Thank you, Sabrina @SabrinaAnnLynn!” the user added.

Andrea, meanwhile, took to Twitter to express her gratitude to the audience for being “supportive” as she opened up to the pop singer.

“And thank you sa napaka-warm na crowd kanina! Very supportive also, HAHAHA! grabe (face-holding-back-tears emoji) [I] was literally so scared when she called me kasi ayaw ko na magalit mga tao sa’kin, haha, but this was a different experience (face-holding-back-tears emoji),” she wrote.

The actress also apologized for what she said was her “broken English” since she could not believe that the American singer noticed and interacted with her.

“Ang [pangit] ng English ko dun! She’s so freaking pretty and mesmerizing, [I] forgot how to think and to speak proper English. [I’m] so sorryyyyy, [I] was literally shaking, ‘di ako makapaniwala sa nangyayari eh!” Andrea wrote with loudly-crying and laughing-with-tears emojis.

The actress’ ex-boyfriend made headlines last month when he shared that he and Andrea are no longer together.

The admittance triggered Awra Briguela, one of Andrea’s friends, who called him a “gaslighter” and a “cheater.”

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Andrea said that she has since moved on, adding that it helps when she thinks of her former lover’s negative traits.

“Gusto ko lang sabihin, minsan, kung hirap kang mag-move on, kailangan mo talagang isipin ang mga bagay na, ‘Talaga ba? Iiyakan ko ba ‘yung lalaking hindi nagpapa-laundry nang isang taon?’ Ganun,” she said to “It’s Showtime” host Vice Ganda before.

Earlier this year, the actress was noticed by members of K-pop supergroup BLACKPINK during their concert when she initiated a gimmick to ask Ricci out for the Star Magical Prom.

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