‘I lied’: Andrei Trazona says mom Sexbomb Izzy not supportive of his drag persona

September 13, 2023 - 12:49 PM
Izzy Trazona_Sofia
Izzy Trazona-Aragon and Andrei Trazona in this photo posted by Izzy on Facebook on Sept. 11, 2023; Andrei Trazona as Sofia in this photo posted on Instagram on June 14, 2023 (izzyaragon18/Facebook; andreitrazona_/Instagram)

Drag artist Andrei Trazona, who goes by Sofia in the local drag community, admitted that he lied about his mother supporting him in his craft after the latter opened up about her son in a viral Facebook post.

Andrei on Tuesday responded to former SexBomb Girls member Izzy Trazona-Aragon‘s post where she said that she loves him “so much to not support” him on things that could supposedly “harm” him.

She uploaded her post a few months after he publicly introduced his drag persona Sofia upon joining Viñas DeLuxe‘s “Bunganga Battle Royale” competition.

Andrei gave Sofia the moniker “SexBomb Royalty,” an allusion to his mom who was a SexBomb dancer.

Reports said that Sofia’s first performance in the competition was the theme song of the SexBomb-starrer “Daisy Siete.” The drag artist also performed the SexBomb hit “Bakit Papa?”

On September 11, Izzy opened up about her son and shared that she wants the “best” for him, adding that she is “holding on with the truth that is written in the Bible, the word of God.”

“So if my children, the 4 [four] of them, will do something that is against the faith that I have in Christ, that will I disagree. I point them to Jesus because with that, I will be secured with their future,” she said on Facebook.

Izzy stressed that she loves Andrei “so much” and that she would always be there for him.

The drag artist responded to her on September 12 by admitting that he “lied in an interview” where he said his mom was “super supportive” of his craft.

“Kasi nga nakita niya na din na super nag-e-enjoy ako, lalo na ‘yung bumibili ako ng mga gamit, ganon,” Andrei was earlier quoted as saying in a Philippine Entertainment Portal report.

“Lahat ng ginagawa ko as in, open siya. Wala siyang judgment, kahit anumang pagpapa-sexy ko at ano, pagpapa-show off ko ng skin. Super support siya,” he added.

In his social media post, Andrei admitted that Izzy supporting him was a “lie,” adding that it was “just to protect her from any backlash.”

“There’s no point in protecting her because the truth came out straight from her… As much as I love you, you know that I don’t wanna live in a lie. I’m sustaining myself for years now and I am living responsibly honest,” he said on Facebook.

“I’m tired of this conversation about me being gay and doing drag. I wanna end this argument by saying that ‘I wanna live my own truth and someday you will be proud of what I will become,'” Andrei added.

“I love you so much mom, but this isn’t healthy for me anymore. I hope someday, you will understand how it feels to be in my shoes. I miss you, but you’re not bringing me any comfort and compassion I deserve,” he concluded with a white heart emoji.

Some Filipinos expressed their support for him in the comments section, including “Drag Race Philippines” season one contestant Viñas.

“Huuuuugggss!! We’re lucky we have lots of mothers in our community! Labyu,” he wrote.

In a follow-up post, Andrei said that Izzy appeared to be saying “I love you because you’re my son, but I don’t accept you for who you are.”

Andrei is Izzy’s child with Michael Arapeles, the founder of the dance group Philippine Island Assassins.