‘Drag Race PH’ finalist Eva Le Queen voices need for medical insurance for drag, freelance artists

October 11, 2022 - 5:58 PM
Eva Le Queen photo (Facebook/Eva Le Queen)

Drag queen Eva Le Queen expressed hopes that Filipino drag artists can also be provided medical benefits in the future.

The “Drag Race Philippines” contender expressed this in an Instagram Stories on Monday, October 10 wherein she shared that she was sent to a clinic for some tests.

Screenshot of Instagram Stories from Eva Le Queen on October 10, 2022

Eva said that her job as a drag artist eventually took a toll on her physical health.

“Was sent for chest X-ray and labs today. Here in the clinic, I just realized how taxing and exhausting drag can be. The late working hours, the physical demands of wearing heels and [corsets] for extended hours, etc.,” Eva said.

“And yet, there [is] no medical coverage, HMO (health maintenance organization) or insurance for us,” she added.

Eva said that with the help of her supporters, she was able to pay for all her tests and medicines.

“Salamat sa mga tips niyo mga tampalpukeans! Pero wouldn’t it be nice if drag artists have benefits and coverages just like other professions?” she said.

“Tampalpuke” is a Caviteño term for a flat fish or a flounder.

Eva mentioned this word as part of her hilarious act in the Snatch Game, a challenge in an episode of the first season of “Drag Race Philippines.”

Her fans have since used “Tampalpuke”, which sounded lewd to some Filipinos, in online memes and posts about the drag queen. It also became the Eva’s fandom name.

In an update, Eva said that her X-ray results came out clear.

“Thank God!” she said.

Eva said that her exposure to super fine powders in her makeup might have triggered her asthma.

“As it seems, my prolonged and daily exposure to super fine powders in my makeup may have triggered my asthma. Not to mention the physical exhaustion, stress and sleep deprivation really took its toll,” she said.

With this good news, Eva expressed her gratitude to the people and the Asistensi Philippines, a medical insurance provider, for helping her with her bills.

She ended her update by once again expressing hopes that such financial support can also be extended to other freelance artists and drag queens.

“I hope this kind of support and medical assistance can also be extended to more freelance artists. Thank you so much! Also thanks to all your Pms! Love lots, your pulmonary diva,” Eva said.

Screenshot of Instagram Stories from Eva Le Queen on October 10, 2022

Eva is advocating to professionalize drag artistry in the country.

During the Episode 9 of “Drag Race Philippines,” Eva said that if ever she wins the title she will use her voice to achieve professionalization of her fellow drag queens.

“Why should you be the Philippines’ first drag race superstar?” host and judge Paolo Ballesteros asked.

Eva responded:

“My dream is to professionalize the art of drag and elevate it. Those are the dreams of drag queens na binayaran ng P150 for a day’s work, and, you know, I will be in a position to make an impact and create actual change. And it’s also by God’s grace that I will get that crown and for what it’s worth, I’m really happy.”

The first season of “Drag Race Philippines,” the Philippine edition of the drag race franchise “RuPaul’s Drag Race” has come down to the final four contestants—Eva, Precious Paula Nicole, Marina Summers and Xilhouete.

Filipino viewers can catch the finale on Wednesday, October 12 via HBO Go, Wow Presents Plus, and Discover Plus Philippines.