What Smokey Manaloto regrets in being a first-time dad in his 50s

November 10, 2023 - 4:33 PM
Still from "Takeshi's Castle" reboot featuring cast members Smokey Manaloto and Eugene Domingo. (Prime Video/Facebook)

Comedian Smokey Manaloto has come full circle as he returns to lead the charge on “Takeshi’s Castle,” the beloved Japanese game show that premiered on Philippine television over three decades ago.

This time, Smokey will dish out funny commentaries alongside social media personality Sassa Gurl and award-winning actress Eugene Domingo.

Smokey finds the enduring charm of “Takeshi’s Castle” amid the significant shifts in viewing habits and the constantly changing TV landscape endlessly fascinating.

Motivations for ‘Takeshi’ return

Similarly, he understands why the brand has stood the test of time, capturing the interest of audiences spanning across different generations, even including those who were not yet born during the heyday of Takeshi’s Castle.

“Habit na kasi ang ‘Takeshi’s’ noon, e. Siguro naipasa ng mga magulang nila sa mga bata. At the same time, iba yung saya na nabibigay ng Takeshi’s Castle kaya naman siya number one sa iba’t-ibang parte ng mundo,” Smokey told Interaksyon after the press conference in Quezon City on Wednesday.

Accepting the project was a no-brainer given Smokey’s fondness and long history with the show.

He said, “Siyempre natuwa ako kasi 30 years ago naging parte ng Takeshi’s. Tapos hindi ako nakalimutan, 30 years after, kasama pa rin ako, solid Takeshi’s baby ako.”

Working with admired comedienne Eugene and emerging comic talent Sassa Gurl, as well as the chance to be seen on streaming platform Prime Video, were opportunities Smokey couldn’t let slip by.

An additional motivating factor for Smokey to give the show another go is his baby boy, Kiko.

“Ay, oo! Sobra rin kasi gusto kong mapanood ng anak ko ‘to,” Smokey expressed enthusiastically.

Smokey surprised many last year when he revealed that he became a first-time father at the age of 51.

“Mas maaga na natutulog ngayon, mas maaga nagigising, mas madali nang mapagod ngayon. Pero mas maraming kasiyahan na nadadala ngayon,” Smokey smiled, referring to the lifestyle changes that come with being a parent.

Being a dad “feels so good” emphasized Smokey before adding, “Sana ginawa ko ‘to nung mas bata-bata pa ko.”

Meanwhile, Smokey also addressed questions about his original co-host and fellow comedian, Anjo Yllana. 

“We haven’t spoken to him yet,” he said.

Anjo and Smokey, who voiced the characters of Takeshi and right-hand man Iwakura, respectively, were the inaugural hosts of “Takeshi’s Castle” when it initially aired in the Philippines on IBC-13.

“Takeshi’s Castle” reboot streams on Prime Video in the Philippines starting November 16.