‘Environment is life’: Arci Muñoz tapped as ‘environmental advocate’ of DENR

November 27, 2023 - 4:21 PM
Arci Munoz_DENR
Actress Arci Muñoz with Environment Secretary Toni Yulo-Loyzaga in this photo from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources' Facebook page on Nov. 26, 2023 (DENROfficial/Facebook)

Actress Arci Muñoz has been named an “environmental advocate” of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

The government agency on Sunday, November 26 announced that it has welcomed the Philippine Air Force reservist to its family.

“Arci will be collaborating with the DENR as an environmental advocate, spreading the word on important concerns such as protecting our country’s rich biodiversity and to be responsible for the waste we generate,” the DENR said on a social media post.

A day before, Arci announced her latest venture to her followers.

“I had the honor to meet our DENR Sec Toni Yulo Loyzaga! Again, thank you, ma’am,” the actress wrote on her Facebook page, referring to the agency chief.

“Upon meeting Sec Toni, we discussed possible projects about sustainability and the challenges of #climatechange on how we can spread awareness in this matter,” she added.

“I’m inspired by your dedication and effort in taking care of our country’s precious ecosystem and biodiversity. I’m looking forward to working with you to spread the word that #EnvironmentIsLife!” Arci said.

There is no information on DENR’s website and social media accounts about the “environmental advocate” role.

Meanwhile, this was not the first time Arci worked with the environment agency.

Last October, the actress collaborated with the DENR to create or illustrate characters for its 12-series comic book.

“Our goal is to educate children on how to reduce plastic waste, promote proper waste segregation/disposal and make recycling fun for the kids, as children are our future,” she said in a Facebook post before.

The comic books were distributed to public schools for free.

Arci said that her characters were “inspired” by K-pop supergroup BTS member Jimin and BT21 character Chimmy.

“[‘Cause] he touched my life [on] so many levels and I wanna share that in a very substantial way. Let’s all unite in saving the planet!” she said.

In 2020, another celebrity, James Reid, was named as “Food Security Ambassador” of the Department of Agriculture.

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