‘Nasaan yung po?’: How Maine Mendoza responded to netizen who cussed at her

June 13, 2024 - 7:26 PM
Photo showing an X (formerly Twitter) post from Maine Mendoza. (Maine Mendoza via X)

Actress and television host Maine Mendoza just responded to an online user who swore at her post on X (formerly Twitter) in a unique way.

In a post on X on Tuesday, Maine explained how masks are vital, especially with the growing number of sick people in the metro.

“Random thought dahil ang daming may sakit ngayon,” Maine wrote.

In response to Maine’s advice, an online user cussed at her without context, which eventually caught her attention.

Maine then responded by sharing a screenshot of the commenter’s profile account, emphasizing the irony between the commenter’s profile bio on X and his use of profanity in her post.

 “nasaan yung ‘po’ ???” she added in the thread.

Not long after getting noticed by the actress, the X user blocked Maine.

Other online users also noticed how the commenter disrespected Maine.

“Hindi nya siguro naiitindihan yung ‘I know how to RESPECT’ basta lang sinulat nya,” the X user said.

“He has NO respect. Nag-profanity pa nga siya eh,” an X user said.

Another online user quipped that the commenter could be “anti-masker.”

“Sensya na daw, anti-masker ata si koya 😷” one X user replied.

Some commented how it is still important for them to use masks in public.

“Ako lagi pa rin naka-mask. May trauma ko nung nagka-Covid ako, tapos ‘yung iba ubo na nga nang ubo, hindi pa magsuot ng mask nakakabwisit!” an X user said.

COVID cases

Maine gave an advice about masking after she noticed people catching flu or other diseases.

Last June 4, the Department of Health (DOH) confirmed two cases of the flagged Omicron subvariants, including KP.2, in the Philippines. It, however, stressed the increase in cases remains slow and the country faces low COVID-19 risk.

The DOH reported that the so-called “FLiRT” variants of COVID-19, which include KP.2 and KP.3, appeared to be contributing to a rising wave of COVID-19 cases across the globe.

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While the number of COVID cases are low, the health department has advised people to practice wearing masks, sanitizing hands, and avoiding crowded areas to reduce the risk of catching another COVID subvariant.