Gretchen Ho: more opportunities after split with Robi

June 8, 2017 - 8:59 AM
Gretchen Ho. (Photo by Jill Tan Radovan/InterAksyon)

Endings may lead to new beginnings, and this might just be the case for celebrity host and volleyball star Gretchen Ho.

After more than three years of dating, she and actor-host Robi Domingo announced their split in March, saying that “there was too much going on” for both parties and that they needed to focus on their respective careers.

Unlike other people who tend to be slowed down by heartbreak, however, the two seem to be more active than ever, living up to their promise of prioritizing work above all else. Gretchen, in particular, has been juggling projects left and right.

Aside from her usual hosting gigs at her home network and being tapped as one of the speakers at the World Youth Alliance in New York and the upcoming World Youth Summit in Jakarta, Gretchen has also been chosen as World Vision’s Ambassador for Health and Nutrition.

At the press conference for her contract signing with World Vision, Gretchen shared how the partnership fell into place.

“I actually was the one who approached them that I wanted to partner with World Vision because I’ve always wanted an avenue to help kids,” she shared.

“Gusto ko kasing tumulong pero hindi ko alam kung paano, hindi ko alam kung saan. Kumbaga, ang dami kasing blessings na dumadating sa buhay ko, alam kong gusto kong magbigay pero hindi ko alam kung saang avenue. And I thought, ano ba yung pinakagusto ko? I love kids. And I think that World Vision is an established organization when it comes to helping kids.

“I believe in their programs. When it comes to helping it shouldn’t be just one-dimensional. Hindi lang siya dapat sa pagkain, sa education—kailangan lahat. Yung formation ng bata, yung komunidad.”

Before being tapped as one of the ambassadors, Gretchen was already a World Vision donor through a volleyball fan who sponsored two children under her name.

It’s not the first time Gretchen has been selected as a champion for children’s health and nutrition. She was also one of the spokespersons for Nestle’s Hangry About Hanger campaign, alongside Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu. The campaign was launched earlier this year.

Gretchen joins Miriam Quiambao, Marc Nelson, Jasmin Curtis-Smith and Tippy Dos Santos, among others, in World Vision’s pool of celebrity ambassadors. As World Vision’s Ambassador for health and nutrition, Gretchen will conduct fitness and sports programs in communities sponsored by World Vision.

In an interview after the contract signing, Gretchen was also asked regarding personal matters, specifically those concerning her recently concluded relationship.

“I really believe that things happen for a reason, and God allowed this to happen because He has a purpose.

“After po nung nangyari, parang tuloy-tuloy din po yung opportunities na dumarating sa buhay ko. Nakita ko na parang si Lord, gusto niya akong mag-focus sa mission ko, mission ko para sa kanya. Kaya nga mas aggressive ako ngayon in accepting projects,” she added.

Gretchen Ho and Robi Domingo in a photo from her Instagram. Right, Gretchen with Kim Chiu, a fellow spokesperson for Nestle’s Hangry About Hanger campaign. (Photo with Kim Chiu by Jill Tan Radovan/InterAksyon)

Working for the same network and both as sought-after hosts, it’s inevitable for Grethen and Robi’s paths to intersect. One of the most recent instances was during a smartphone launch, where the ex-couple had a few awkward exchanges hosting the program.

Prior to the said event, Robi imparted a rather tender message to his ex-girlfriend through a video shown during the Bb. Pilipinas Coronation Night, where Gretchen was one of the judges.

In the video, Robi stared meaningfully into the camera and said, ““Grabe noh? Lots of things that happened. Gusto kong sabihin na, sorry. Masakit, mahirap, pero kailangan. But trust me when I say this, during this process I think I could honestly say that I am saving up all my love for you. I wish I have more time kasi time is the best thing that I could give you right now.”

Apparently, Gretchen had already seen the video during the Bb. Pilipinas Primer, so she wasn’t as shocked as everyone else and was all smiles when she watched the video again come coronation night.

“I think humuhugot lang naman siya,” she says of the video. “Hindi ko naman siya masyadong…kasi meron na naman kaming napag-usapan na, so that’s it.”

When asked whether she would be looking forward to working with Robi again, she answered, “Okay lang naman. I think for us both, work is work; so we take it seriously. We’re passionate about our jobs and what we have to do.

“I have to admit it’s hard. And sometimes it’s a little bit awkward. But, I dunno, I don’t see why we should stop or hinder another part of our lives from growing just because we broke up.

“Alam na naman namin yun. Pinag-usapan na namin. We’re both professional,” Gretchen said in conclusion.