Robi Domingo reacts to ‘Kambal Pandesal’ alternative universe story featuring SEVENTEEN member

March 10, 2023 - 2:02 PM

The alternative universe story penned by a K-pop fan caught the attention of television personality Robi Domingo

Twitter user Vico Fiero (@vicentejian) created a thread for his story “Kambal Pandesal,” which talks about Miggy Boy and Miguel Tan, twins who were separated after birth. They were personified by SEVENTEEN’Kim Mingyu

One of the supporting characters in the story is Robi, who is always with his classmate Miguel. He was described as 2nd big placer in “PBB Teen Edition” Season 2, who eats vegetables except squash. 

Many social media users, including Robi, were hooked on this alternative universe story with 973,200 engagements, as of writing. 

On Twitter, Robi reacted to his character in the “Kambal Pandesal” story. 

“Bakit ba, bespren ko kasi yang si Miguel [three sobbing emojis]” he said

The response of the television personality caught @vicentejian off guard. 

“Binabanggit ko pa man din si Gretchen Ho sa au na yun tapos binabasa ni Robi????? nangangatog ako hrjrjejejw,” Fiero wrote in a tweet. 

Gretchen used to be Robi’s girlfriend. 

“Pwede ko nang i-discontinue yung au (alternative universe) napansin na ako ni Robi,” the Twitter user jokingly said

He also posted an edited photo of Mingyu wearing an Ateneo toga and Robi with the caption: “baka mag-bestfriend yan??”

Last month, @vicentejian also got the attention of veteran actor John Arcilla. In a tweet, the online user praised the versatility of the actor for his performance in “Dirty Linen.”

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