‘Picture daw ako sabi ni mama’: Robi Domingo shares another hilarious meme after vlogger’s viral claim

October 27, 2022 - 2:22 PM
Photo shows TV host Robi Domingo with a child (Robi Domingo/Twitter)

Television host Robi Domingo shared another hilarious photo after being caught in the middle of the public feud between content creators Wilbert Tolentino and Zeinab Harake. 

In a video titled “Ang Rebelasyon,” talent manager, Wilbert, accused YouTuber, Zeinab, of badmouthing celebrity vloggers, including Robi. Wilbert also shared screenshots of their messages in the same video.

Based on the screenshot, Zeinab claimed that Robi does not have a “market.” 

The screenshots of Zeinab’s messages shared by Wilbert in his video later became the talk of the town.

In response to Zeinab’s claim, Robi humored local social media community and posted a photo of a public market with an edited sign that read, “Robi Domingo Public Market”.

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Days later, Robi continued to laugh off the issue and shared a meme that first went viral in 2018

The meme shows a screenshot of a Facebook post of Santino Agravante which contains a photo of him with Robi. 

“Picture daw ako sabi ni mama [hindi] ko naman siya kilala,” Agravante wrote in the caption. 

Meanwhile, Robi wrote in his recent post, “kaya naman pala” with three sobbing emojis. 

Meanwhile, Zeinab said she already apologized to the personalities tagged in the online controversy.

On Tuesday, Zeinab once again extended her apology to Robi via Instagram.

“Again I’m really sorry Robi,” Zeinab wrote. 

The TV host responded with three white heart emojis. 

Zeinab and Robi recently worked together as judges on “It’s Showtime’s” Miss Q&A segment.