Billboard suitor admits past love for Ella Cruz, addresses ‘scammer’ allegations

July 7, 2017 - 11:38 AM
Xian Gaza and Ella Cruz. (Photo from Xian's Facebook page)

What started as a grand gesture to get the attention of an actress spiralled into one accusation after another for a publicity-seeking businessman.

Xian Gaza, a self-declared “angel investor and CEO of the Hong Kong-based Guanxiqian Group,” has yet to succeed in getting actress Erich Gonzales to accept his invitation to have coffee with him through a now infamous billboard in Morayta, Manila. Instead, he has been busy answering numerous allegations that have cropped up against him.

Among those he addressed in several posts on his Facebook page was Jessica Cruz, the mother of young actress Ella Cruz. In an earlier post that he had deleted, Gaza wrote that he agreed to buy a Toyota Fortuner from the husband of Cruz who is in the business of buying and selling cars.

Gaza said he initially agreed to buy the vehicle at P650,000 in the hopes of impressing the Cruz family even though he had no use for it. But after discovering that the market value of the Fortuner was between P500,000 to P550,000, he backed out of the deal and paid an additional P50,000 to Cruz’s husband for damages.

In his latest post on the subject, Gaza said he was hurt by being called a scammer and stalker in public by Cruz, who uses the name Jesica Zurc on Facebook.

“I didn’t scammed [sic] your family, it was a failure to execute not a fraudulent act and paid Php50,000 as damages over the failed Toyota Fortuner deal. Yes, sumablay po ako at aminado po ako doon kaya nga po ako nag-danyos diba. Higit po sa lahat ay HINDI PO AKO ISANG STALKER. Sana’y linisin niyo po ang pangalan ko sa mata ng publiko dahil ang maling alegasyon po ninyo ay sobrang sinira ang reputasyon at pagkatao ko,” Gaza posted.

(“Yes, I messed up and I admit it that’s why I paid damages, didn’t I? Most of all, I am not a stalker. I hope you clear my name in public because your false allegations have ruined my person and reputation.”)

The most intriguing part of Gaza’s post, however, was this earlier paragraph where he revealed his feelings for Ella.

“Alam niyo po kung gaano ako nagpakatanga at gaano lubusang minahal ang anak ninyo noon. Puros kabutihan po ang ipinamalas ko sa inyong buong pamilya. (You know how much I allowed myself to be stupid and how much I loved your daughter back then. I have shown nothing but kindness towards your whole family),” he further posted.

Ella, who is now romantically linked to young actor Julian Trono, has yet to directly respond to Gaza but seems to be alluding to him when she posted this tweet last Tuesday.

Celebrity blogger Darla Sauler, however, posted that she personally texted Ella to ask about Gaza. Ella replied, “Okay naman po kami. Naging magkaibigan kami kasi naging business partner nga po kami with Filipino Vines. Pero hindi naging kami. :)”

“And Ella also cleared that after nila ma-realize the shady side of Xian, nawalan na sila ng communication at all, as in zero. (When Ella realized the shady side of Xian, they no longer communicated, as in zero),” Sauler further posted.

Posting from Jerusalem, Israel with accompanying photos and videos to boot, Gaza further admitted in several other posts that there are “some” truths to the allegations against him, such as his declaration of bankruptcy to certain partners and associates when that was not the case. He continues to claim that he is “blessed with a phenomenal job and a great life to live together with my inner circle.”

“If I deceived you to exit you in my life and gave you false hopes, I’m very sorry for such a selfish act. If I really scammed you financially with fraudulent acts involved and you’re after a legal settlement for damages, I together with my lawyers are open doors anytime if there is really something to be settled.”