FynestChina denies paying followers to pretend receiving P1M from him

February 22, 2024 - 4:47 PM
FynestChina_Xian Gaza
Content creator FynestChina in this photo posted on his Instagram on Feb. 17, 2024; Xian Gaza in this photo posted on his Facebook page on Feb. 5, 2024 (fynestchina/Instagram; christianalbertgaza/Facebook)

Social media personality FynestChina denied allegations he was the “blind item” fellow internet personality Xian Gaza was referring to who was fooling people into making them believe he was giving millions of money.

The TikTok content creator on Thursday responded to a Facebook post of Xian, who claimed that a “somewhat famous” individual was paying “chosen followers” P5,000 to pretend that they had received one million from him.

“Sinetch itey [Sino ito] na isang medj sikat na personality ang umiidolo sa PCSO at kunyareng namimigay ng milyun-milyon sa kanyang chosen followers, pero, ‘yun pala ay binayaran lang niya ng 5K ‘yung tao para magpanggap na may na-receive [na] 1M [one million] from hem (him),” Xian wrote.

PCSO refers to the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, which previously faced allegations for not being upfront about its lotto draws.

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Meanwhile, Xian continued to poke fun at the unnamed individual he was referring to in the comments of his post.

“May mas scammer pa pala sa akin, mygahd,” he quipped, referencing his past investment scam cases.

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“Ayaw na ayaw ko ‘yung nasasapawan ako sa scamman eh, dapat ako lang pinaka-scammer dito,” Xian added.

“KOMPIRMD NA KOMPIRMD 99.9%,” he continued.

FynestChina said that people have been tagging him in response to the post, prompting him to comment on the speculations.

“FynestChina, true ba po ba itey [ito]?” a Facebook user wrote with a shocked emoji, tagging the internet personality.

“FynestChina? ‘Yung ‘hem” HER+HIM so accla [bakla]?” another user commented.

According to FynestChina, he was not even giving away millions.

“First of all, hindi po tayo tinutukoy [nito] dahil wala po akong pinamigay na isang milyon or milyo-milyon, alam [niyo] ‘yan. Hindi po ako ganon kayaman na kaya ko mamigay ng milyo-milyon,” the content creator wrote.

“Isang milyon pwede pa, pero hanggang dun lang [tayo],” FynestChina added with a grinning-with-sweat emoji.

“At PCSO, grabe! Ni tong [its] ‘di ko alam laruin, hehe! ‘Wag tayo mag-assume, haha! At kung ako nga tinutukoy, edi, kayo bahala maniwala, [kayo] din naman nakakakita ng ating mga post,” he continued with the similar emoji.

FynestChina is a Filipino social media influencer based in Hawaii who became internet-famous for releasing Instagram videos poking fun at his mom’s “Filipino tita” mannerisms with skits featuring the persona “Cassandra.”

Some of his videos also followed a “what Americans do” versus “what Filipinos do” format.

The content creator is likewise known for his “challenge series” on TikTok, which got people talking and tuning in on him on different platforms. He is known for sharing blessings to his family and followers.