Over 30 homegrown acts unite for fundraising gigs for Marawi survivors

August 29, 2017 - 9:23 PM
Barbie Almalbis and Ben & Ben. (Photos by Jill Tan Radovan/InterAksyon)

If you can spare some dough for a few drinks on a night out with friends, why not add great music and a helping hand into the mix and get added value, for yourself and for those in need?

Over 30 homegrown acts have come together for a series of gigs to raise funds for Marawi survivors. Dubbed “Jam For Peace,” the project was organized by Jampack Music, a pool of local artists and their managers.

Among the acts that will appear in the “Jam For Peace” sessions are Barbie Almabis, Aia de Leon, Hale, Ben & Ben, Soapdish, Silent Sanctuary, Absolute Play,and Itchyworms. At the “Jam For Peace” press conference, some of the participants shared their sentiments on taking part in the project.

Soapdish’s Jeff Bolivar confesses, “I’ve been to Lanao del Sur. Nakita ko yung community, nakita ko yung tao. Being with these guys, sobrang ang galing lang. So parang, makabawi man lang tayo para sa mga troops. It’s very exciting, I am looking forward to it.”

“I agree,” said Barbie. “I mean, what we see in the news, nagkaka- burden tayo sa mga brothers and sisters natin, iniisip natin kung paano tayo makakatulong. Kaya sobrang thankful din kami sa mga efforts ng Jam Pack, mga people who organize these things, so that we can do our little part in helping.

“The least we can do as musicians is to use our talents to help in any way we can.”

Aia de Leon and Absolute Play. (Photos by Jill Tan Radovan/InterAksyon)

Absolute Play’s Murielle Tanchanco shares, “I’m really happy that we get to be part of this event. As young as we are, we get to give blessings to our brothers and sisters in Marawi. I know one small step can go a long way.”

“Honored kami na kasama kami dito sa movement na ito, sa event na ito. Gaya ng sabi nila, ito lang naman yung way na we can help. Parang pay it forward lang naman din,” said Nikki Tirona, bassist of Mayonnaise.

“I’m doubly excited because it’s the first time all the artists of our managers, of the group Jam Pack, are doing something big. And it’s a way to always remember who we are as Filipinos. We truly are helpful. This is to continue that identity of ours, by helping our brothers and sisters in Marawi,” said Aia.

Hale frontman Champ Lui Pio pretty much summarized the essence of what made “Jam For Peace” worth the effort.

“When people come together for a good cause, I think that is human nature at its finest, so it’s a privilege,” he said.

“Jam For Peace” kicked off at the Historia Bar in Quezon City last week with performances by Itchyworms, Rocksteady, SPongecola, Tanya Markova, Monolog and Sileph. Below is the list of artists and venues for the succeeding gigs:

Route 196 (August 31) – Sud, Jensen and the Flips, Ben & Ben, Lunar Lights, Brisom, Farewell Fair Weather.

B-Side (September 9) – Sucketseven, Even, Gayuma, Hoodlum, Xeno Devata Project, Saydie, Choi, Save Me Hollywood, Godzilla Vs. Tokyo, Manila Under Fire.

12 Monkeys (September 20) – Barbie Almabis, Kitchie Nadal, Aia de Leon, Absolute Play, Bea Valera, Miro.

19 East (September 30) – Silent Sanctuary, Hale, Mayonnaise, Kissjane, Leanne and Naara, Soapdish.

Tickets will be sold at P300 at all venues except for 19 East, which will sell show tickets at P400.

Watch Ben & Ben, Barbie Almalbis, Aia de Leon, Champ Lui Pio, and Nikki Tirona invite music fans to watch the ‘Jam for Peace’ gig series in this video by Jill Tan Radovan: