Razorback frontman Kevin Roy: ‘A feeling of nostalgia is never bad’

October 19, 2017 - 9:30 PM
Kevin Roy. (Photo by Jill Tan Radovan/InterAksyon)

A curated selection of the country’s most influential hard-hitting rock acts will come together to perform at the “Full Blast Pinoy Super Bands” concert on Friday. Among them is seminal ‘90s Pinoy rock band Razorback, best known for the songs “Giyang,” Payaso” and “Voodoo, Who Do.”

In an interview with InterAksyon, Razorback frontman Kevin Roy expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming show.

“It feels really good to be relevant, that you’re part of a bigger thing. We like to hold our own ground, but it’s nice to be part of a festival — I’d like to call this a festival. A gathering.”

“No one wants to say it but you don’t know when the next time something like this is gonna happen. So I’m really glad to be part of this one,” he said.

Kevin and his bandmates — bassist Louie Talan, drummer Brian Velasco, guitarist Tirso Ripoll, and former Wolfgang guitarist Manuel Legarda who replaced David Aguirre — are still quite visible on the local music scene.

“These are the months that are dedicated to Razorback, because of Muziklaban. We’re very active. That’s all the way till Feb na,” Kevin shared.

Razorback is also in the process of writing and recording new songs. According to Kevin, the songs should have the feel of their late ‘90s releases.

He explains, “That sort of jumpy and energetic, energetic yet angry. I won’t call it an album. We’ll call it an album when we have enough songs or when we can actually see a finished line. But the market’s changed, it’s very singles-based. So we’ll probably put it on local radio, have it on Spotify.”

Aside from songwriting, the band devotes time to rehearsals. At the time of the interview, Kevin said they were still trying to figure out how to summarize 25 years of Razorback’s discography within the limited time they’ll have on stage, but he did give the assurance that they’ll be playing the band’s most popular hits.

“Who knows? Maybe I’ll wear tights, a wig on my head? (laughs) I’m just looking forward to it,” he said in jest.

When asked what fans could expect from Razorback in the concert, he starts his answer with yet another comic remark.
“Expect more grey hair, poor eyesight. So if you say hi and we don’t recognize you, we’re sorry. We might be louder ‘cause we’re harder of hearing,” he said, letting out another laugh.

In parting, Kevin’s voice takes on a serious tone and then he says, “Expect the same thing but better. A feeling of nostalgia is never bad.”

Also performing as part of the Full Blast Pinoy Super Bands artist lineup are Pepe Smith, Mike Hanopol and Wally Gonzales of the legendary Juan dela Cruz Band; Lolita Carbon of Asin; ‘70s Pinoy rock group Maria Cafra; early 80s punk rock group The Wuds; phenomenal alt-punk act The Youth; Pinoy nu metal band Queso; and OPM rock icons Dong Abay and Basti Artadi.

Suicidal Genius, Banda ni Kleggy, Hilera and The Chongkeys will perform as the event’s opening acts.

Full Blast Pinoy Super Bands happens on Friday, October 20, 2017 at the Cuneta Astrodome. Tickets are available through Ticketnet with the following prices: VIP P3500; Ring side P2500; lower box P1000; and Gen ad P500. Gates open at 5PM.