Need a tricycle ride? There’s an app for that in Butuan

March 8, 2019 - 1:36 PM
A new ride-hailing app for tricycle drivers in Butuan City aims to improve commuting conditions as well as uplift the drivers. (Artwork by Uela Altar-Badayos)

A new ride-hailing app for tricycles in Butuan aims to improve commuting around the city and provide better income for its tricycle drivers.

Transeek, a tricycle-hailing app developed by Angelito Cagulada Jr, Ernest Jay Cubillas and Lemar Arnego of Caraga State University–Butuan, hopes to remedy the difficulty of finding a ride late at night and minimize the chances of dealing with rude drivers and unnecessary overcharging.

It may also decrease delays and standby hours of tricycle drivers in the city.

On app, a commuter can book a ride to his destination while it finds the nearest tricycle driver available via  global positioning system or GPS.

Its tricycles can accommodate up to three passengers in one ride which will give a base fare of P30.

Transeek also aims to increase the income of tricycle drivers for up to more than 300 percent since they will receive P25 for every ride.

Tricycles in a terminal
Tricycles are lined up along a street in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu. (The STAR/Joy Torrejos)

“We have interviewed drivers during ‘toda’ meetings and most of them liked Transeek since they don’t have to waste time roaming around to look for passengers,” Cubillas, one of its developers, said.

Tricycle drivers will also be required to apply for insurance but their registration to the app system will be free of charge.

Transeek will be available for Android users this year.

The demand for ride-hailing services 

Ride-hailing services rely on online platforms to connect the driver and the passenger through their vehicles.

It maximizes the use of technology and decreases the idle time spent on personally finding a ride on the streets.

It also makes commuting hassle-free for both the driver and the passenger since routes are already plotted out, including the actual location of the two parties.

“Just with a click on your mobile phone, within few minutes, you can have the latest vehicles pick you up from any location and get you to your desired destination without stress,” a blog for entrepreneurs noted.

Commuters can also expect a professional service as well since most ride-hailing apps have a rating system where passengers can give feedback about drivers.

A car-oriented online magazine also reported how important ride-hailing apps are to commuters in its compilation of different testimonies.

Most of them positively noted the convenience of getting a ride in an efficient manner and how fixed fares have avoided instances of overcharging. — Artwork by Uela Altar-Badayos