Cake wars: Twitterverse divided over two famous bakeshops

December 4, 2019 - 7:43 PM
Black forest cake
A black forest cake. (Mikelo via CC BY-SA 2.0)

The classic cake wars between two popular bakery chains in the Philippines reemerged when a Twitter user voiced out his opinion on the supposedly decreasing quality of goods of one of the shops.

The topic “Goldilocks” trending on Twitter in the Philippines, all because of a simple tweet that irked another Twitter user.

A screengrab of Twitter Philippines’ trending topics as of 11:08 a.m. on December 4, 2019. (Screengrab by Interaksyon)

Twitter account @maroontito recalled how the liquor in the bakeshop’s black forest cake would supposedly leave a distinctive taste in the mouth compared to its quality nowadays after it was acquired by a famous fast-food chain.

“Please never forget how Red Ribbon cakes were da bomb back in the days. Remember how their black forest cake was like crack with alcohol and Jollibee ruined it for all of us by making it a second-rate bland a** Goldilocks copycat,” he wrote.

This annoyed @ooohhace, who replied by asking if he has a problem.

@maroontito answered that he does not have any but @ooohhace insisted that he should instead “focus on a major issue.”

“Ano bang issue mo sa Red Ribbon at Goldilocks? Pag gusto niyo kumuda sa Twitter i-tag niyo directly sa kanila and focus on the issue. Magbibigay ka na nga lang ng opinion hindi pa straightforward,” she wrote.

@maroontito stressed that he was just tweeting an opinion and wondered what made her so invested in the brand. He asked her if she was the real-life “Goldilocks,” the iconic bakeshop’s mascot.

@ooohhace frowned at his response and asked if it was his “intention” to “spread the hate.”

“No, to spread frosting,” came @maroontito’s reply.

When he tweeted that Goldilocks’ mocha cake is delicious, however, she agreed and said, “That’s it. Good job.”

The exchange has prompted some users to wonder if @ooohhace was an employee of Goldilocks.

The two bakeshops have been longtime competitors. A food-oriented website did an explicit comparison of the two shops’ chocolate roll to see which one tasted better. There are also forums on Reddit and Mobilarian that source opinions on which of the two bakeshops are preferred.