Workout for a cause: Gretchen Ho invites public to join fundraising event for Wawa Bridge

May 10, 2021 - 1:50 PM
Photos of Gretchen Ho (Interaksyon/file photo) and the invite for the Wawa Bridge reconstruction fundraising event (Race Yaya/Facebook)

Gretchen Ho is calling for volunteers to join a fundraising event that aims to help rebuild a bridge in Rizal.

Titled “Run, bike, burpees for Wawa,” the event seeks to raise funds for Wawa Bridge in Montalban, Rizal, which has been damaged by the typhoons last year.

The fundraiser runs from May 8 to 31. The deadline of registration is until May 14, 2021. It was organized by the Philippine Obstacle Sports Federation.

As of writing, there are still 100 slots available.

Ho shared the invite to her followers on Twitter on May 6.

“RUN, BIKE, BURPEES FOR WAWA. A fundraising event to help rebuild Wawa Bridge in Montaban, Rizal. The bridge that connects the community living around the mountains of Montalban was damaged completely by the typhoon last November 2020,” she wrote.

In the thread, the former volleyball player also detailed that this was organized by a go-to resource hub for athletes called Race Yaya.

She also noted that participants could perform the workouts or activities at home and in their own schedules. She also attached the link where they could register.

“Register and donate via Workout from wherever you are & watch everyone do it at @yourraceyaya as we rebuild Wawa Bridge,” Ho said.

The public can choose between two categories:

  • Run 5,000-Bike 20,000-Burpees 50 reps
  • Run 5,000-Burpees-50 reps-Run 3,000

The same invite was also shared in the official page of Race Yaya.

“Participants can do it in one-go as workout or as separate workouts. Only participants who did it as one go will be ranked,” the post read.

The group also added instructions on how participants could measure their performances.

“Participants should select their start time and use a watch or app that measure time and distance. Burpees should have a video as proof of finish with time stamp. Video should be uploaded in Facebook, Instagram or a google drive set to public. Link to time and video should be uploaded for validation,” read the post.

“Let’s help rebuild Wawa Bridge! Join now,” it added.

What happened to Wawa Bridge?

The Wawa Bridge which connects is among the infrastructures severely damaged during the onslaught of three strong tropical cyclones “Quinta,” “Rolly,” and “Ulysses” in November 2020.

In Race Yaya’s registration page, it was explained that the bridge serves as the access of local residents from the surrounding mountains to the town proper of Montalban, Rizal.

A makeshift bamboo bridge was constructed to temporarily serve the community.

“This, however, proves unsafe and temporary with several minor accidents and mishaps that has already transpired as locals traverse the shaky and unsecured bridge daily.  With the rainy days coming, the need to rebuild the bridge is deemed urgent,” the group said.

The Philippine Obstacle Sports Federation, in coordination with the local government of Rizal and other volunteer-led advocacy groups, pledged to help finance the reconstruction of the bridge within this month.

“Through the federation activities and fundraising efforts, we are hoping we have enough funds to rebuild the bridge before rainy days come,” it said.

“This is in line with our thrust to help Filipinos overcome life obstacles and help build better humans. Eto ay ‘hindi awa kundi gawa para sa Wawa,” Al Agra, POSF president, was also quoted as saying.