Rundown: Work-from-home essentials to boost your productivity

October 8, 2021 - 8:24 PM
Yoga Slim 7 Pro (Lenovo/Released)

Since March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic upended the workflow of Filipino employees and offices have since adapted the work- from-home setup.

In view of this, brands have also adapted to provide clients with essentials so that they continue to get their job done even in the comfort of their homes.

Here’s a list of useful items that could make your work-from-home setup productive:

Reliable laptop

Working from home requires connectivity and smarter technology to be able to get the job done even when we are not in our offices.

Among the top essential item for this set-up is a reliable laptop that allows one to multitask.

Last week, a tech company unveiled its laptop series with OLED display.

Designed to deliver an enhanced user experience with the latest innovation, smarter technology and empowers users in hybrid working world, Lenovo’s Yoga Slim 7 Pro with OLED Display brings the powerful Windows 10 Operating system to make creativity and productivity easier.

It promises users immersive visuals, great connectivity and long-lasting battery life to not feel anchored to an outlet.

“The laptop has a 91% active area ratio in 16:10 proportions for a new mode of viewing that reveals more vertical content when browsing the web or working with text documents. It has a 14-inch display powered by the latest Samsung E4 OLED technology designed for superior image reproduction,” Lenovo said.

“With 90 Hz refresh rate at 1 ms response time, animations and transitions are buttery smooth. The OLED display emits less than 6.5% blue light for greater eye-care,” it added.

The tech company explained that OLED display is also  Dolby® Vision® HDR certified and capable of showing a wider color contrast and scene-by-scene color and brightness optimization for true-to-life realism with compatible content.

On the other hand, its Dolby Atmos® certified stereo speakers produce sound with greater clarity and a deeper bass response.

The ultra-thin laptop, available in Slate Grey color, is designed for ultra-productivity.

Yoga Slim 7 Pro (Lenovo/Released)


For its performance, the tech brand said it is configurable up to the AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900HS Mobile Processor, which delivers performance previously seen in gaming laptops. The 8-core design allows users to open multiple apps and run heavy tasks seamlessly.

It likewise includes three-year premium care, Lenovo’s on-site customer support service that comes handy during the current quarantine restrictions as it no longer requires one to line up in service centers.


To enable dynamic work environments with ergonomic designs, Lenovo takes a big step forward into building a strong ecosystem of smart technology that will reshape customer experiences with smarter productivity, smarter entertainment, and smarter living.

The Lenovo Go Accessories help users achieve their full potential in any line of work.

For multitaskers who frequently switch between devices, the tech brand introduced its USB-C wireless mouse that provides vital point and click functionality in a lightweight, travel-friendly solution.

“The rechargeable battery offers up to three months of use with the precision blue optical sensor able to work on almost any surface,” the brand said.

It also offers wireless vertical mouse designed in a UV-coated cork material that is easy to wipe and clean.

“The optical mouse can be wirelessly connected and delivers precise pointing accuracy with up to 2400 dots per inch (DPI) and six programmable buttons for personal configuration,” Lenovo said, adding that it also has a wireless numeric keypad for number crunchers and spreadsheet wizards.

For users with low battery anxiety, the tech brand introduced USB-C Wireless Charging Kit that eliminates the need to disconnect and reconnect a power cord.

Meanwhile, to alleviate the tension from wearing headsets all day, the tech brand unveiled its wired speakerphone that helps liberates ears from the pressure and offers flexibility and excellent sound quality.

Lenovo also caters to any kind of user, whether you prefer wired, wireless or special settings in a headset.

Organizers, table needs

Aside from gadgets, a Facebook page called Dynamic finds, listed down 16 minimalist items that can be used by remote workers for their work at home.

Among the items listed were ring light, laptop stand, study table lamp, wooden desk organizer, phone holder, digital clock, among others.

The page said these can be used to organize your work from home setup or during virtual meetings.

It added that the items, available on an e-commerce platform, can be used by students who are now taking online classes.

“’The importance of organization not only reduce stress levels, but it also helps you save time, achieve success and enjoy a clutter-free zone both within your physical environment and your mind,’” the page quoted.

Comfortable office chair

The remote work would not be complete with a home-office chair.

Some employees took to social media early last year to complain about back pain as they transition to the work-from-home setup.

“Work from home realization: kailangan ko ng ergonomic chair! Sakit sa likod, and legs ang normal chair,” a Twitter user said.

“Ang sakit naman sa likod mag-work from home,” another online user said.

A mall based in Pampanga suggested stylish tables and chairs to complement the remote work setup.

It said that these can also be used by students and online gamers. gamers.

In March 2020, President Rodrigo Duterte placed the country under enhanced community quarantine due to the threats of COVID-19.

This quarantine phase limited onsite work.

Under this quarantine phase, only workers under the essential services industry are allowed to physically go to work.

The country has been placed under less strict general community quarantine Alert Level 4 but several maintained remote working setup due to the still prevailing COVID-19 pandemic in the country.