How Post Office is helping you celebrate Year of the Tiger

February 1, 2022 - 12:02 PM
Year of the Tiger Stamps
"Year of the Tiger" stamps for 2022. (Photo from Philippine Postal Corporation's website)

Who says stamps are outdated?

Filipinos can greet their loved ones and fellow friends a mighty and prosperous Lunar New Year this 2022 through the help of the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost).

The post office on Monday launched commemorative “Year of the Tiger” stamps at the Seascape Village in Pasay to mark the celebration of this year’s Lunar New Year on February 1.

For 2022, it is represented by the water tiger, the third of the 12 animal zodiac signs of the Chinese lunar calendar.

Feng Shui experts also call this the “Year of Thundering Water Tiger.”

The last water tiger was in 1962.

According to feng shui expert Patrick Lim Fernandez, the tiger is also the first among the Chinese zodiac signs associated with spring.

It succeeds the past three “winter” years under the Year of the Pig (2019), the Rat (2020) and the Ox (2021), when the world grappled with health and economic issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“With the spring energy, hope is on the horizon, the snow is starting to melt, the flowers are starting to bloom. This will definitely usher in new energy, a reemergence of the world,” Fernandez said in an interview.

“Hope is [on] the horizon for all of us,” he added.

“Additionally, the tiger also brings with it a ‘yang’ energy which is characterized by being strong and aggressive. There will be a lot more re-mobilization in the world as it awakens from a mode of slumber, which will, in turn, spark a lot of activity in many life aspects: in business, careers, relationships, health and money luck,” Fernandez said in another report.

Meanwhile, PHLPost said that apart from stamps, the public can also avail of souvenir sheets and official first-day covers of “New Year 2022: Year of the Tiger Stamps” at the Philatelic Counter, Manila Central Post Office in Liwasang Bonifacio.

They can also check the Post Office’s Facebook page and call the following numbers for stamp inquiries: (02) 8527-0108 or (02) 8527-0132.

The Post Office has been releasing Chinese Zodiac-themed Lunar New Year stamps annually to celebrate Filipino-Chinese culture and tradition.

According to Postmaster General Norman Fulgencio, launching the commemorative stamps is a way to celebrate the Lunar New Year, especially since most festivities have been canceled due to the pandemic.

PHLPost also said that the Chinese calendar has sparked “a lot of interest” in recent years among Filipinos who “collect the (Chinese zodiac) stamps.”