‘Navigating adulthood’: Any Name’s Okay drops ‘Leaving Home’ EP

August 19, 2022 - 8:34 PM
The photo shows the members of the band Any Names Okay.

If you’re fresh out of college and have difficulty navigating adulthood, Any Name’s Okay newly released extended play “Leaving Home” might be the music for you.

“As a band, we’re maturing in our songwriting and the way that we operate as creatives,” the alternative pop band said.

“We want to grow old with our listeners—which can be scary but very exciting. A lot of those fears and joys can be found in this collection of songs,” they added.

The band consists of Sofia Abrogar (Vocals), Renzo Lumanog (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Mike Armas (Lead Guitar), Arvin Olete (Drums) and Juan Lada (Bass) released the EP with six tracks.

One of the highlights is “Takbo,” which tackles how one breaks free from burnout and hustle culture.

The band said the song plays with “imagery of aching muscles and exhausting activities, with its destination and goal to no avail.”

“While the song is an ode to the tired and tireless self, the reprise that it ends with is dedicated to hope— the hope that this is all for something, that you grow stronger the more you run,” the band noted.

“Leaving Home” Tracklist appear below:
1. Yugto
2. Snooze
3. Limbo
4. Takbo
5. Today I Want To Live
6. Discovery

“Leaving Home” is written and produced by the band with the help of Luigi Del Rosario, for one of their singles, “Limbo.” While Tim Recla and Nick Azurin mixed and mastered the song for the band’s EP.

The band will formally launch the EP on August 20, Saturday at Dirty Kitchen (Gravity Art Space) in Quezon City.

They would have surprise performances during the launch.

The EP is now available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms.