Meet the big names in Korean series ‘Little Women’

September 8, 2022 - 4:25 PM

Recently, a growing number of films and series center on women characters. The new Korean series “Little Women” is a new addition to that list. 

The series is a reinterpretation of Louisa May Alcott‘s literary classic novel. 

The story centers on three sisters, instead of four, who grew up in poverty and got involved in a fight with an influential family. 

Similar to the novel, the series also features sisters with notable differences in character.

Oh In Joo is the eldest and is someone “who wants to save the family.” She went to a two-year accounting school and worked in a firm. The character is portrayed by “Goblin” star Kim Go Eun.

Meanwhile, the middle child, Oh In Kyung, played by “100 Days My Prince” actress Nam Ji Hyun, works as a journalist and wants to protect her family. She reports crimes such as embezzlement, theft, and cons. 

The youngest, Oh In Hye, is an art student who attends a prestigious school after securing a scholarship because of her talent. She “wants to leave the family.” The character was portrayed by Park Ji Hu, who recently appeared in the series “All of Us are Dead.”

Women also dominated the crew behind the scenes of “Little Women.”

The Kdrama series is directed by Kim Hee Won, who is also behind “Vincenzo,” starred by Song Jong Ki. The actor also made a cameo in “Little Women.”

Meanwhile, the series’ scriptwriter is Chung Seo Kyung. She also wrote the detective series “Decision to Leave.” 

Other cast includes Wi Ha Jun, Uhm Ji Won, Um Kijoon, Kim Mi Sook, Kang Hoon, and Jeon Chae Eun. 

The Kdrama has 12 episodes that can be streamed on Netflix.  Weekly episodes are released every Saturday and Sunday.