Fresh grads develop compostable bubble wraps to address plastic pollution

September 21, 2022 - 5:57 PM
Composite photo of how a compostable bubble wrap mailer decomposes (Facebook/Lyanne Carmel Sy)

Fresh graduates of a private university introduced a solution to the pileup of bubble wraps in most packaging of deliveries.

A group of fresh graduates from De La Salle University formed a business called “LUNTIAN” (Lunas ang Tinig ng Animo)” that offers compostable bubble wrap mailers for their business practicum back then during the COVID-19 pandemic.

These students are Lyanne Carmel Sy, Jericho Janssen Lo, Timothy Jacob Oscaris, Andrea Nicole Bugarin, and Janna Pablo.

Photos of their product were reported by the Philippine Star on September 14.

In an interview with the Philippine Star, Sy said that they thought of the business idea after they were frustrated with the prevalent packaging in the e-commerce industry.

”The idea of introducing the compostable bubble mailers was born out of the personal frustrations the founders had as individual e-commerce industry participants,” she was quoted in the post as saying.

Sy said that their advocacy for sustainable packaging led them to launch their product in November 2021.

”With [our] willingness to present the country’s entrepreneurs with a more environmentally friendly way of packaging practice, [we] solidified their plan to process until [our] first launch of the product in November of 2021,” she was quoted in the post as saying.

Their business was also promoted on Sy’s Facebook page on September 10.

In her post, the young entrepreneur explained how bubble wraps in the packaging of most parcels are harmful to the environment.

“Di naman sa pinago-overthink kita ha, pero asan na yung BUBBLE WRAP from your latest budol?” she said.

”Deretso basurahan yan just minutes after you receive your long-awaited parcel, then to the landfills where it will degrade in AT LEAST 20-500 years. Immortal yarn?” she added.

She then promoted that Luntian’s 1% bubble wrap mailer can decompose in as fast as 180 days “under proper home composting conditions.”

To show proof of it, Sy’s post was accompanied by photos that showed their product’s slow decomposition until the 306th day.

“We are certified by TUV Austria, ABA, and BPI as Home Compostable, kaya kahit sa bakuran niyo lang po, pwede ito i-compost. ALL parts of the mailer (even the bubble sheet inside!) is 100% compostable!” Sy further said.

“You are what you choose. We’re rooting for you to choose the best,” she added.

The concept of Luntian soon got the attention of some Facebook users. Sy’s post garnered 11,000 reactions, 243 comments 9,200 shares so far.

Interested customers can learn more about their business via Shopee, Instagram and Facebook.

The e-commerce industry, meanwhile, has been placed in hot water for years because of the amount of plastic pollution that brands produce for deliveries.

Green groups have been calling on the industry to reduce its unnecessary plastic waste, including bubble wraps, to help save the environment.

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