Why students need smart classrooms

February 1, 2023 - 7:11 PM
Photo shows a teacher and his students (steveriot1 via Pixabay)

A tech company underscored the importance of building smart classrooms that will provide students with better learning experiences and outcomes. 

“Classrooms will also have to evolve for the future. Educators must expand the learning space beyond physical classrooms and blend the best from in-person classes with digital teaching methods to encompass classroom activities, homework, and learning reports,” Lenovo Philippines president and general manager Michael Ngan wrote.  

Ngan highlighted the need to provide students with technical support that will help them hone their digital skills. 

“With digitization quickly and continuously accelerating, it is fundamental that students are well equipped with solutions that facilitate learning, no matter where they may be,” he said. 

“Beyond devices, students also need robust technical support and managed services to ensure the product runs smoothly across its lifecycle while delivering productivity, security, and collaboration,” Ngan continued. 

According to Mckinsey Global Institute, some of the important digital skills for employees are digital fluency and citizenship, software use and development, and an understanding of digital systems.

Apart from the lack of technical equipment, the Department of Education data shows that there is a shortage of classrooms in the country.

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