‘Mutual soaring’: How Philippine eagles show off their affection up in the sky

February 14, 2023 - 8:01 PM
A pair of Philippine eagles mutually soaring in the sky before breeding, uploaded on February 14, 2023 (phileaglefdn/Facebook)

Public display of affection through mutual soaring.

This was a trivia about eagles shared by the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) on Facebook in time for Valentine’s Day.

“Love is in the air!” the foundation said.

“Mutual soaring is one of the best behaviors confirming that Philippine eagles are a breeding pair. (Sila na!)” it added.

PEF further described this activity as the eagles’ “public display of affection.”

“Basically, it’s a “public display of affection” but in their very elusive nesting sites deep in the forest…so maybe not as public. Either way ‘sanaol’,” the organization said.

The expression “sana all” is a common catchphrase for wishful thinking among Filipinos.

PEF also accompanied its trivia post with stunning photos of a pair of Philippine eagles “mutually soaring” in the air.

They were captured by their senior biologist Rowell Ron Lemente Taraya. It was taken at the Mount Macabol-Alikoson Conservation Area in the uplands of Davao City.

“Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We hope you are soaring in love with someone today,” PEF said.

The post had since garnered 1,600 reactions, 19 comments and 531 shares so far.

In the comments section, some Filipinos expressed hope that these eagles will grow in number for generations to come.

“May they produce the next generation for our children’s children to preserve these magnificent creatures,” one Facebook user said.

PEF is a long-running non-profit organization that is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating Philippine eagles in the country’s depleting forests.

Since it was organized in 1987, the foundation has worked with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, local residents and authorities in trying to keep the magnificent creatures safe from forest destruction and hunting.

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