‘Voltes V’ theme song by Julie Anne San Jose is giving Pinoys all kinds of feels

May 10, 2023 - 7:45 PM
Julie Anne San Jose
Julie Anne San Jose performing in "All-Out Sundays" as seen in this photo posted on her Facebook page on April 2, 2023 (myjapsofficial/Facebook)

For some Filipinos, Julie Anne San Jose‘s modern rendition of the iconic theme song of “Voltes V” is an earworm.

GMA Network on Monday, May 8 posted a recording video of the actress-singer performing “Voltes V No Uta” in its full and original Japanese version but with a modern twist.

The recorded theme song is for Channel 7’s new television “Voltes V: Legacy,” a live-action adaptation of the popular ’70s mecha anime.

Julie’s rendition was arranged by Joshua Gapasin and Simon Tan and mixed by Andrea Rae Culla.

Meanwhile, Bambi Santos was credited as the vocal producer, while Rocky Gacho is the producer.

The famous theme song was originally performed by Japanese singer and voice actress Mitsuko Horie, who also voiced anime characters from different series like “Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars” and “Dragon Ball.”

Julie’s rendition was uploaded on the Facebook page of “Voltes V: Legacy,” where it has already amassed a whopping number of over four million views, 134,000 likes and “love” reactions, and 12,000 shares so far.

The video has also earned several reactions from Facebook and Twitter users alike.

Some shared that they like Pinay’s version better.

“I like her version, mas modern ang vibe but also tamer than the original,” a Twitter user commented.

“I love Jules’ rendition! I hope she sings an English translation of that Voltes V theme,” a Filipino on Facebook wrote.

Others thought her rendition was perfect.

“Well done… It was absolutely brilliant… The song was still respectfully preserved..” another Pinoy commented.

“Wow! Nice voice, parang original… very talented, Julie Ann. Congrats…” wrote a different Facebook user.

“She sang it well, parang [‘yung] orig. Great talent, Julie,” another online user wrote with several clapping emojis.

Others commented that hearing the iconic theme song brought back “childhood memories.”

“I was in elementary, Grade 6. I love Voltes V,” a Facebook user wrote.

“I love this song, I [remember] my childhood memories,” commented another Pinoy.

“So nostalgic! Thanks, Julie, for this beautiful rendition,” wrote a different Facebook user.

“I remember my childhood days, running to have a place watching Voltes V on our neighbor’s TV. Those happy moments,” recalled another Filipino.

“Voltes V: Legacy” follows the story of three brothers Steve, Big Bert, and Little Jon Armstrong, and their friends Jamie Robinson and Mark Gordon, as they fight the forces of humanoid aliens known as Boazanians who plans to invade the earth and launch their beast fighters all over the world.

The live adaptation stars Miguel Tanfelix, Ysabel Ortega, Matt Lozano, Radson Flores, and Raphael Landicho.

It also features Martin Del Rosario, Epy Quizon, Gabby Eigenmann, Albert Martinez, Christian Vasquez, and Kokoy de Santos, among others.

The series airs weekdays on GMA after “24 Oras.” It can also be streamed on the network’s “Kapuso Stream” on YouTube and its own website.