What to expect: NY-based Pinoy artist to launch pop art in San Juan

June 19, 2023 - 1:15 PM
New York-based Filipino artist will mount is solo exhibit called "Fallacies of Fantasy" at the Secret Fresh Gallery in San Juan City. (Released)

A Filipino artist, who is known for his whimsical artworks, will launch his first solo exhibit in the Philippines next week.

Sean Go, a New York-based Filipino pop appropriation artist, will bring his latest collection “Fallacies of Fantasy” to the Secret Fresh Gallery at the Ronac Art Center in San Juan City. The exhibit will run from June 25 to July 2.

Go’s “Fallacies of Fantasy” was inspired by the artist’s childhood icons. He playfully infused and integrated them with modern pop culture.

It was described as “a whole new idealized abstraction of heroes, villains, fairytale endings, and even hope.”

Go also promoted his exhibit on his Instagram account.

“Excited for my first solo exhibit in Manila,” he wrote in the caption. He is represented by Derek Flores of the DF Art Agency.

Sean Go’s “Fallacies of Fantasy” poster at Secret Fresh (Released)

In a statement, Go said that his latest art pieces are “childlike curiosities,” citing a rediscovery of Disney characters and DC heroes through a new lens.

“The pieces express childlike curiosities, and the show explores the possibilities that exist. At some point, we have to start looking at what’s real and not the projections in our heads. But it’s also optimistic that in this pop art universe, you can be whatever or whomever you want to be,” he said.

As a pop artist, the themes of Go’s previous art pieces also challenged different social and cultural norms.

These include his popular “Playmouse” series. This challenged how Disney films taught viewers about idealism. Meanwhile, his “Humpty, the Iron Samurai” artworks depicted tragedy as a catalyst for determination and resolve.

Go has influences from other renowned abstract artists. These include Jeff Koons, Picasso, Maurizio Cattelan, Ang Kiukok, Roy Lichtenstein, Federico Alcuaz and Daniel Arsham.

Amid his success in the world of art, he also runs a hedge fund called the HGR Digital Asset Group, which he launched in 2018.

This Filipino was born and raised in Manila. He went to New York in the United States to develop his skills as an artist.

All his previous collections can be viewed on his website: Home | seago.art (seango.art).