Indictment seen as welcome development in Gretchen Fullido’s harassment rap

June 10, 2019 - 1:34 PM
Gretchen Fullido reporting for "TV Patrol's" Halalan 2019 coverage.(Instagram/gretsfullido)

A former and current “TV Patrol” executive accused in the complaint lodged by ABS-CBN reporter Gretchen Fullido is a welcome development for #MeToo advocates against harassment.

The Quezon City prosecutor’s office charged former “TV Patrol” supervising producer Cheryl Favila and segment producer Maricar Asprec for a perceived violation of Republic Act 7877 or the Anti-Sexual Harassment Act.

The prosecutor said Favila’s messages sent to Fullido “signify double meaning as they contain sexual undertones.”

The messages were also deemed as a “request for sexual favors” sent by a superior or someone with authority or moral ascendancy in the workplace, which goes against the law.

Some Filipinos saw it as a victory on Fullido’s part. The television personality has decried harassment as early as 2015.

Messages and favors

It all started when Gretchen Fullido formally filed a sexual harassment complaint against Cheryl Favila and Maricar Asprec in October 2018.

Her lawyer, Marvin Aceron, shared a picture of her in his office and wrote on Facebook that the ABS-CBN reporter accused Favila and Asprec of sending her text messages “loaded with sexual innuendos, which amounted to requests for sexual favors.”

“She further stated that when she rejected the advances, the two retaliated and made it difficult for her to work as a reporter and news anchor for TV Patrol. It was a cycle that was going on for almost three years,” part of his post reads.

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Gretchen Fullido Interaksyon
Gretchen Fullido files sexual harassment charges against her superiors in ABS-CBN. (Instagram/Gretchen Fullido)

Fullido was also called out by fellow employees Cecilia Drilon, Venancio Borromeo and Marie Lozano for filing the case to supposedly “leverage her status with ABS-CBN.”

This prompted her to charge them with libel.

Favila also accused Drilon of victim shaming and uttering imputed statements against her.

In one of the text messages used as a basis for the complaint, it was revealed that Favila invited Fullido to be her “Thursday Girl” or a once-a-week girlfriend, even though the latter has repeatedly rejected the request.

A local entertainment website also reported that Favila asked Fullido to wear a “super sexy outfit” while she sang a live rendition of the “Happy Birthday” song.

Local celebrities and famous personalities who found out about Fullido’s circumstance shared their support shortly after she formally filed the complaint.

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These are Melissa Ricks, Bianca Gonzalez, Ethel Booba, Iza Calzado, Karen Davila, Jerika Ejercito, Ogie Diaz and Bryan Revilla.

“It takes a lot of strength and courage to stand up for your rights, and you did. Proud of you,” Ricks wrote on Instagram.