Pinoys fall for viral cracker brand vs singing show ‘lawsuit’ incident

June 27, 2023 - 4:47 PM
Voice crackers
A photo of Voice Combo products as posted on its Facebook page on March 19, 2015 (VoiceComboSandwich/Facebook)

Was a local flavored biscuit discontinued because of a reality singing competition?

A Twitter user on June 19 commented on another Twitter user’s entry for the viral “food that no longer exists” prompt, which featured the Voice Combo crackers.

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Twitter user Jaja Colby commented: “Alam [niyo] ba kaya nawala Voice is dahil nagkaroon ng The Voice Philippines? Tapos nanalo ang The Voice sa lawsuit para sarilinin ‘yung name.”

His tweet was accompanied by a loudly crying face emoji. It has also earned 978,600 views and 11,200 likes so far.

Colby’s tweet caught some Pinoys off-guard, including those who questioned if it was really true.

“Wait, REALLY???? [Omg], did they rebrand?” a Twitter user responded to him with loudly crying emojis.

“Hahaha as a very gullible person, I can’t tell if this is real or nah,” another online user wrote with a sad face emoticon.

Other Twitter users noted that Colby’s post has reached Facebook, where it was posted by a page called “Truth Slaps” (username @TheRealTruthSlaps).

“Now you know,” their post said as a caption.

It has garnered over 40,000 likes and reactions, 2,300 comments and 12,000 shares on the social networking platform.

FB_Voice crackers
(Screengrab from TheRealTruthSlaps/Facebook by Interaksyon)

“24K [24,000] PEOPLE???” a Twitter user exclaimed with loudly crying emojis in response to the Facebook post’s high engagement numbers.

Colby could be tweeting the “Voice Crackers versus The Voice Philippines” incident as a joke.

There is no such lawsuit incident in the Philippines, although an article from a website called claims that there was an “intriguing legal drama” over a product called “Voice Crackers” and NBC’s hit singing competition “The Voice.”

The website also claimed that the Voice Crackers was “founded in 2016 by entrepreneur Michael C. Hall.”

It added that the supposed brand “produces crackers with voice recordings.”

“Voice Crackers asserts that The Voice infringes on its trademark by using the term ‘The Voice’ in its title. Voice Crackers believes this creates confusion among consumers. Are the crackers and the show connected? That’s the problem!” the website claimed.

There is no other available information on the internet about the supposed lawsuit, as well as the mentioned crackers.

Michael C. Hall, meanwhile, is a real individual. He is an American actor known for his roles as Dexter Morgan in the television series “Dexter” and David Fisher in the HBO drama series “Six Feet Under.”

He does not have any business or products called “Voice Crackers.”

There is also no other information about the NBC reality singing competition supposedly facing a lawsuit for a so-called trademark infringement relating to its title.

There are likewise no reports about its local version, “The Voice Philippines,” having a lawsuit.

Meanwhile, the Voice Combo crackers were a brand of flavored crackers locally sold by Monde Nissin. It is not in any way associated with Michael C. Hall.

As for its availability, a look at Monde Nissin’s website and Facebook page do not yield any recent posts or pictures about the cracker brand. Its Facebook page was last updated in 2016.

Online stores also tag the product as “out of stock.”