An amusing detail in the architectural render of UP’s new Faculty Center

February 1, 2019 - 11:18 AM
Architectural render of UP Faculty Center
A front view (along Roxas St.) of the architect’s perspective of the new FC shows National Artist Napoleon Abueva’s sculpture, “Siyam na Diwata ng Sining,” figuring prominently in the complex’s design. (University of the Philippines Website/Released)

A tarpaulin of a construction site that features the projected structure of the new University of Diliman’s Faculty Center amused users on a popular discussion forum due to some striking elements.

A zoomed-in image of a jeepney caught the attention of some users in Reddit Philippines because of its funny text.

The poster for the soon-to-be-erected new Faculty Center in UP Diliman from r/Philippines

User “kimrod16” said, “Artists really like to put subtle/secret messages in their artwork no? Hehe”

Another user, “sk8er_saix,” wrote, “Na-iimagine ko ‘yung artist ngumingiti mag-isa habang nire-render ‘yan.”

User “giaolimong,” who works in an architecture firm, claimed that such instances would happen whenever they would do architectural renders of a building or a structure for a project.

“I work in an architecture firm, can confirm that we like to insert small easter eggs in our renders. I once put a cat on top of a flag pole and nobody noticed,” the user shared.

An architectural render shows a two or three-dimensional image of a proposed structure’s physical attributes.

New Faculty Center 

The state university is building a new Faculty Center three years after its original structure was ravaged in a 10-hour fire attributed to faulty electrical wiring.

The groundbreaking ceremony was held on January 25, Monday with the presence of Department of Public Works and Highways Secretary Mark Villar.

The new FC consists of a nine-level faculty building, a six-level parking building, a single story hall and an amphitheater.

It will house offices, conference rooms, meeting spaces, lecture and multipurpose halls, libraries, galleries and recreational areas such as break rooms, lounges and a café.

The project costs P675 million and it is expected to be finished by November 2020.

The original FC burned down in March 2016 where several scholastic records and archived materials got destroyed.

The fire also ravaged the floors that housed the faculty members of UP’s College of Arts and Letters, its dean’s office and the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy.