Masked man claiming to be a police officer tries to arrest resident in own house

March 5, 2019 - 6:20 PM
Arrested man
In this photo, a man is handcuffed for arrest. (Flickr/BMN Network)

An unidentified man who claimed to be police officer attempted to arrest an individual within his property without following official police protocol when conducting arrests.

Facebook user Justine Josue Alquetra from San Antonio, Zambales uploaded a video where she shared that her cousin was confronted by a man whose face was entirely covered and claimed he was under arrest.

The video records an extremely tense confrontation between the unidentified man and the companions of Alquetra who refuse to allow the man from getting what he wants.

The unidentified man refused to answer any questions from them but insisted that Alquetra’s cousin should come with him to the precinct.

Alquetra demanded that a warrant of arrest be presented but the man refused to show or say anything.

Social media users claimed that the man might not be an authentic police officer but a member of a supposed syndicate because of his covered face, civilian clothes and suspicious attitude.

Protocol in conducting arrests 

As uniformed enforcers of the law, police officers are supposed to follow procedures in executing their duties and responsibilities.

According to the Revised Philippine National Police Operational Procedures Handbook, arrests “should be made only on the basis of a valid Warrant of Arrest issued by a competent authority.”

Generally, a warrantless arrest is only done when the person of interest is already under detention, whenever he is on the act of committing a crime or when the crime has recently been committed.

The arrest also requires the police officer to “inform the person to be arrested of his authority and the cause of the arrest.”

Furthermore, the person of interest “shall be informed of his constitutional right to remain silent and that any statement he makes could be used against him.”

A police officer has the right to enter a building or an enclosure as well, provided the “person to be arrested or is reasonably believed to be” refuses to admit the officer after the latter has announced his authority and purpose.

The officer must also wear the prescribed police uniform whenever he conducts such operations and be led by a Police Commissioned Officer.