Julia Barretto’s Instagram post on flowers triggers speculations anew

November 10, 2020 - 3:33 PM
Julia Barretto
Julia Barretto smelling flowers in this photo shared on her Instagram on Oct. 24, 2020. (Photo from Instagram/juliabarretto)

Fans are abuzz with speculations and questions after actress Julia Barretto shared a picture of her smelling flowers on Instagram that had a background of a brown cottage house.

The 23-year-old Viva talent shared the photo on the platform two weeks ago but it recently became viral after a fan page on Facebook attempted to connect it with an Instagram Story allegedly posted by actor Gerald Anderson.

The fan page, initially dedicated to the 2015 sequel of Star Cinema’s “One More Chance,” insinuated that the cottage house seen on Barretto’s photo appeared to be similar to the one seen in Anderson’s private resort in Zambales.

“My flowers growing beautifully,” Barretto said in her photo caption.

Julia Barretto's Instagram Post
Julia Barretto’s Instagram post shared on Oct. 24, 2020. (Screenshot by Interaksyon)

Anderson, meanwhile, has been promoting his newly-opened business, the Hayati Private Resort, in Botolan, Zambales since September.

The Facebook fan page noticed that one of the cottages featured in the resort’s Instagram account appeared to be similar to the one in Barretto’s background.

It also shared an alleged screenshot of Anderson’s Instagram Story resharing one of his resort’s cottages deemed “perfect for families and big groups.”

The particular cottage can be seen on Hayati’s Instagram, which is called the “family room.”

This prompted the fan page to speculate that Barretto could’ve visited Anderson’s resort, based on her particular photo’s background.

Last September, the actress reportedly promoted his resort through an Instagram Story.

An entertainment website also speculated if Barretto’s family, including her mother Marjorie Barretto, had visited the resort last month when they went to Zambales for a birthday celebration.


The younger Barretto has been rumored to be romantically linked with Anderson since last year. He was her co-star in Black Sheep’s romance-drama film released in May 2019, “Between Maybes.”

While speculations between the two were going on at that time, Bea Alonzo opened up by sharing that Anderson has stopped “talking” to her after being in a relationship with him.

In this year’s November issue of Mega Entertainment, Julia confirmed that she is in love but did not disclose further details. She then cited her “trauma” in being publicly involved when it comes to relationships.

Barretto’s last public relationship was with former love team partner Joshua Garcia. They confirmed their breakup in June 2019. 

“I think nobody understands the kind of trauma of having a relationship so public, and then also have a lot of people see when your relationship fails,” Barretto said.

“Like it’s so traumatizing for me because I genuinely cared about this guy, I genuinely loved this guy, and then I shared so much that when we broke up, they thought they knew the whole story. They thought they knew my pains, they thought they knew my joys, they thought they knew everything — all the reasons that caused the breakup. But nobody really does,” she shared.

Barretto then decided to keep her personal relationships private.

“So one of the things I made myself confident in when it comes to my personal relationships is that, I’m in control,” the actress added.

“I am in total control of how much I am only willing to share and how much I am only allowing people to know,” she further said.