Shih Tzu puppy sleeps like a human and it’s paw-sitively adorable

April 1, 2019 - 3:36 PM
Shih tzu puppies
Three Shih Tzu puppies in a blanket. (Wikimedia Commons/Stock photo)

A small Shih Tzu caught social media’s attention due to its unusual sleeping position attributed to body temperature and how secure it feels in its surroundings.

A Facebook page shared pictures of the puppy owned by Janess Cua, a dog lover from San Pablo City. It eventually reached other people’s timelines until an international media outlet shared it on their own page as well.

The one-month-old Shih Tzu is named “Paningning” since it is the only dog Cua owns that is white in color. In Filipino, “maningning” translates to “bright.”

“Kasi po sa lahat ng magkakapatid siya lang po ang color white and siya po ang huling lumabas kaya po parang pa-star na manining, eh gusto po ng anak ko letter P kaya po naging Paningning,” she shared in an interview.

Cua also revealed that it was not her intention to make the puppy viral. She only wanted to share its pictures because it makes her happy.

“Pinost ko lang po siya sa page na member po ako, kasi dog lover po ako and hindi ko naman po in-expect na mag-viral ‘yung pictures nung puppy kasi sanay naman po ako na nag-po-post dun kasi na-ha-happy po ako ‘pag pini-picturan ko po lahat ng mga dogs ko,” she said.

Social media users were amused at the puppy’s unusual sleeping position—lying flat on its back with the belly exposed.

“Ang cute niya matulog. Feeling niya tao siya hahaha,” a Facebook user commented.

“Nakakaloka, ganun talaga sleeping position niya. Ang cuuuuute!” another user exclaimed.

Cua explained that it is Paningning’s normal sleeping position.

“‘Pag mahimbing na po [‘yung tulog], siya lagi na pong ganyan [matulog] lalo na po ‘pag busog,” she said.

What does it mean? 

A dog’s sleeping position says a lot about their feelings and state of health and happiness. If it is injured or sore, it may adopt a peculiar sleeping position that is different.

A dog that sleeps on its back with the belly exposed is a sign that it wants to regulate its own body temperature, especially in humid days.

According to an international pet care company, it is the animal’s way to cool itself down.

“The layer of fur on your dog’s stomach is a lot thinner than the fur on the rest of their body, and unlike humans, dogs only have sweat glands on their paws, so baring their tummy is a good way for them to cool down,” Petbarn reports.

State weather bureau PAGASA on March 22, 2019 announced that the country has officially entered dry season. Humidity and temperatures are expected to rise for the next months.

An animal trainer also noted that a dog lying on its back with the belly exposed is an indication it is extremely comfortable and secure in its surroundings.

“These dogs are going against their natural instinct to protect themselves while sleeping, which means they are very bonded to their environments and feel very safe around their owners,” animal trainer Brandy Diaz shared.