Japanese budget store joins ‘tabo’ war and plugs ‘less than P365’ dipper

June 27, 2019 - 5:01 PM
water dipper
Another Japanese store promotes its 'tabo' to Filipinos as cheaper alternative. (Interaksyon/Uela Altar-Badayos)

A Japanese budget store joined the online water dipper wars and declared that it is selling the household item at a cheaper price compared to a higher-end Japanese store.

Daiso Japan Philippines in its Facebook page took the opportunity to promote its own water dipper that is “less than Php 365,” a hit at Muji Philippines’ previous post that said it is selling the item for P365.

“This is your ordinary bath dipper. It’s clean and simple, and most of all, it’s less than Php 365!” Daiso Philippines said in a Facebook post.

While some Filipinos were amused at the obvious reference, some pointed out that it is still costly compared to the price of local water dipper manufacturers.

“25 pesos lang ‘yan, ‘pag 2 binili, 45 pesos sa tiyangge,” a Facebook user wrote.

“Ang mahal naman ng tabo. Kahapon bumili ako, 28 pesos lang, neon color pa,” another user commented.

“Less than P365? Whoah. Kala ko less than P50 below lang ang tabo, sa pagkakaalam ko ah,” another user wrote.

Daiso Japan is a Japanese budget store with a range of products from cleaning items to beauty essentials. It is recognized for selling such merchandise for P88, although some costs P188 and P288.

The concept has its roots in American “dollar stores” that traditionally sell various products for $1 or in significantly cheap prices.

The online ‘tabo’ wars 

Daiso Japan’s post came after MUJI Philippines promoted an ergonomically-designed water dipper on its Facebook page that costs P365.

“This is not your ordinary bath dipper. Aside from its clean and simple design, the angle of its handle is designed to make it easier to scoop water with less weight on hand,” the Japanese lifestyle store said.

It earned various comments from Filipinos who claimed that a water dipper, on average, is significantly cheaper than what the foreign lifestyle store sells.

The buzz prompted Orocan, a local manufacturer of plastic household items, to join in and take the opportunity to promote its own water dipper as well.

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“This is your extraordinary bath dipper! Aside from its high-end design and divine-white color, its state-of-the-art handle gives you inner peace while scooping water,” its caption reads.

“Only Php365. Comes with FREE Php330.25 na barya sa loob since Php34.75 SRP lang ang price ng extraordinary dipper,” it continued.

The particular household item has long fascinated foreigners, especially those living in the Western hemisphere.

Last year, American travel vlogger Tom Kuegler dedicated a Facebook video about it and described the water dipper as the “coolest” household item in a typical Filipino house.

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He also claimed that it is environmental-friendly since it enables people to use “less water” in taking baths compared to showerheads.

“I got this one (the tabo) in Amazon for a super cheap (price). It was like, eight dollars or something so if anyone wants to try out using a tabo in their bathroom to save toilet paper, to save water, you could just go to Amazon and buy one yourself!” Kuegler said.