‘OMG’: Heart Evangelista reacts to local plastic brand’s viral ad featuring ‘Ms. Hurt’

January 29, 2021 - 12:15 PM
Heart and Ms. Hurt
Heart Evangelista in this photo uploaded on her official Facebook page on Dec. 17, 2020 (left) and Paolo Ballesteros as "Ms. Hurt" for Orocan in this video advertisement shared on Orocan Philippines' YouTube channel on Jan. 28, 2021 (right).

Artist-socialite and actress Heart Evangelista gamely reacted to a local storage brand’s advertisement which featured a personality called “Ms. Hurt.”

In an Instagram story, Evangelista shared a photo of a billboard of the viral advertisement featuring television host and actor Paolo Ballesteros as “Ms. Hurt.” He was carrying an icebox by Orocan.

“Nakabenta kami pero ‘di pa rin namin afford ‘yung celeb,” its billboard reads.

In the local plastic manufacturer’s online advertisement which was in a form of a parody vlog, Ballesteros spoofed Evangelista with his character “Ms. Hurt.”

He acted like Evangelista in terms of her personality and mannerisms.

“Omg Orocan… don’t be ‘hurt’ na,” the socialite wrote with a heart and laughing-with-tears emoji in response to the billboard.

Heart Evangelista and Orocan
Heart Evangelista reacts upon seeing Orocan’s billboard on her Instagram Story shared on Jan. 28, 2021. (Screengrab from Instagram/iamhearte)

Female Network said that Evangelista also dropped a comment on Orocan’s Facebook post featuring the advertisement.

“Omg!!!! This is so funny!!!! Hahahahahahah awwwwwww love you guys!!! Hahaahhahah,” she reportedly wrote.

Ballesteros also commented: “Ay si HURT! Hihihi” with three kiss face emojis.

Orocan uploaded the advertisement for its icebox product on Thursday evening patterned after Evangelista’s YouTube vlogs where she currently has 2.17 million subscribers so far.

“Pag nanood ka tapos hindi ka bumili salamat na lang sa lahat. We heart Paolo Ballesteros! #AngPlasticNaTotoo #OrocanIcebox,” the storage brand said.

Ballesteros is known for his makeup transformations and impersonations.

The advertisement featured “Ms. Hurt” using the icebox as her bag. Its handle was also adorned with a twilly scarf.

It has so far garnered 14,000 likes and reactions, 1,200 comments and 4,200 shares on the social networking platform.

Orocan has been gaining traction for its self-aware and witty advertisements.

In June 2019, it poked fun at a Japanese brand’s steep price for a bath dipper and made it an opportunity to promote its cheaper item.

The local brand also advertised its water dispenser in a way that amused social media users.

It likewise made a spoof on Apple’s headphones when it was newly released and then used it as a chance to encourage Filipinos to buy one of its products.

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The plastic manufacturer’s advertisements are made in collaboration with GIGIL, a Taguig-based advertising agency.

It was also the agency behind the much-talked-about RC Cola commercial that unsettled Filipinos.