In her white gown, board passer attempts to beat heavy traffic and gains social media renown

December 20, 2019 - 12:53 PM
Angkas riders
Riders and supporters of motorcycle ride-hailing platform Angkas in a motorcade along EDSA. (The STAR/Michael Varcas)

An engineering board passer gained attention on social media for hailing a motorcycle despite being all made up in a white gown and high heels to catch her oath-taking ceremony.

University of the Philippines graduate Christiana Afia Yeboah hailed Angkas in her formal attire to beat the traffic so that she could attend the ceremony at Century Park Hotel on December 9.

The motorcycle ride-hailing platform shared a picture that was originally taken by Trisha Timbol and then captioned it with reference to Disney’s “Frozen II,” particularly the character of Elsa.

“Elsa on the way to save Arendelle,” Angkas said on the tweet, noting Yeboah’s white gown and her blue helmet.

On the time the picture was taken, a week has passed since the highly-anticipated Disney film premiered on local cinemas.

The picture immediately went viral, amusing social media.

Others even thought that she might be a bride on her way to a wedding.

“Bridal car LMAO,” a certain Twitter user wrote.

“A groom somewhere in the Metro is anxiously waiting for his bride. Will she ever make it?” another user commented.

The tweet reached Yeboah’s best friend who immediately tagged her and shared the story behind the tweet.

Yeboah was surprised to be pictured in such a situation but thanked the motorcycle ride-hailing platform for its efficient service.

Retweeting Angkas’ tweet, she wrote, “Hoy anlala! Hahaha pero thank you @angkas kasi on-time ako sa oath-taking.”

The ride-hailing platform prides itself for being one of the most convenient and affordable alternative modes of transportation in the metro, making up for the poor state of public transportation.

Angkas is currently operating under a six-month pilot run scheme imposed by the government to prove that it is a safe means of public transport.

The run will end on December 26 but its fate hangs in the balance since transport authorities have yet to make a decision on whether they will authorize the ride-hailing platform to continue operating or not.