#MaskMasaya: Local retail brand livens up face masks with puns

September 18, 2020 - 8:11 PM
This images show the statement face masks designed by a local retail brand. (Linya-Linya/Released)

A local retail brand gave face masks a “happy look” after it incorporated punny and witty statements in its line of face masks.

Face masks have become a daily necessity after the national government required Filipinos to wear one to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In view of this, Linya-Linya, also a content creator known for its humorous posts, recently released this new product dubbed “Mask Masya” to give their patrons a fun alternative of staying safe amid the pandemic.

“These face masks keep you protected as you go outside, while sending good vibes to anyone who spots you wearing them,” the brand said.

“These statement face masks, on top of being hilarious and motivational, also boasts of a thoughtful design– the outer part is made from microfiber and ripstop, and the inner part is made with CVC cotton and features a built-in pocket where you can put filters in for extra safety and protection,” it added.

Filipinos can grab the limited edition #MaskMasaya face masks via the brand’s website. —Rosette Adel