Pizza chain’s TV ad trends for its serenade story twist

May 13, 2021 - 10:09 PM
Greenwich ad
Screengrabs from Greenwich's recent TV commercial on Facebook

A popular fast food chain released a commercial that trended on Twitter on Thursday as it features guy serenading a girl with his guitar.

It turns out he was just rehearsing to perform it for another guy named Brando.

Greenwich released the TV ad on May 12 and had since circulated on Facebook and Twitter.

In the video, the story follows a guy who invited the girl to sit and listen to a song which lyrics contain a confession of love.

However, the song ended with the lyrics: “Kaya ko to kinakanta sa’yo para umamin na mahal kita, Brando.”

The guy then asked her if Brando would have liked it, from which she nodded and hugged him.

The video ended with the girl ordering affordable pizza from the restaurant and eating it while in tears.

“‘Di ka naka-ilag no? ‘Wag ka mag-alala, ang Greenwich Delivery din naman, ‘di mahal tulad mo,” the caption read.

The Facebook post immediately made rounds with over 1,300 shares and 1,500 reactions, most of which were positive.

In the comments section, Filipinos were also amused and quipped that the advertisement hurt their feelings.

“Ba’t ganyan ‘yung caption niyo Greenwich Barkada, gusto ko lang naman kumain ng pizza, masyadong mapanakit ibang klase ‘yung atake, ‘di ko kinaya,” one user said.

“Buti pa si Brando minamahal. (crying emoji) Sana all Brando,” another user said.

The video also reached Twitter wherein the name “Greenwich” trended briefly on the micro-blogging platform with more than 3,400 tweets.

Screenshot by Interaksyon on Twitter trending on May 13, 2021

Amid the humor, some Filipinos perceived that the message of the commercial appeared to be a bit insensitive.

“This is just…in bad taste,” one user said.

“We love straight-baiting,” another wrote.

One Twitter user also criticized that the advertisement is cliched.

“But I have seen this before in movies and other commercials in the 90s, 2000s and 2010s. Funny but getting stereotypical na,” another user wrote.

As of writing, there was no mention of the advertising agency behind Greenwich’s now-viral advertisement.