Hidilyn Diaz card: Buffet, pares, mattress and other whimsical perks for the champ

July 30, 2021 - 7:09 PM
Hidilyn Perks
Photos from Facebook pages of Vikings Luxury Buffet and Pares Retiro

After clinching the Philippines’ first-ever gold Olympic medal, Hidilyn Diaz bagged tens of millions worth of cash prizes and incentives. But aside from these are some perks, often for life, including strange offers.

Unlimited food and buffet

Diaz did not have to worry about food for the rest of her life as Vikings Luxury Buffet just gave her lifetime meals.

Adding to this is Tipsy Pig Gastropub, which also offers her free meals. 

“Weight no more, we’re lifting all the prices for you,” the restaurant said in a Facebook post.


If she’s craving for Korean barbecue, she can also use her identification card to enjoy a free meal in this Korean grill restaurant. 

Chicken skin 

For the Philippines to taste the gold Olympic medal, it required Diaz to have a healthy diet. After her victory, Diaz could have one cheat day after another as Chicken Bucket gave her a lifetime supply of chicken skin. 


Local restaurant Pares Retiro promises “libreng pares habang buhay” for the Olympic champion. 


Hidilyn can savor her victory with a one-year supply of milk tea from these shops.

Skincare products 

In case Diaz wants to pamper herself, she would not run out of supply of personal care and beauty products from Fresh. 

“After a long time of fighting for the gold, you deserve some pampering too!” Fresh said in a Facebook post. 


After receiving a luxury condo and a house, Diaz also did not have to worry about her appliances after Xtreme appliances pledged to provide them for her.

Bed mattress

After lifting heavy weights and putting the country’s flag up on the podium, Uratex gave Diaz a mattress and other sleep products to give her comfort. 

Photo and video service

Every moment in Diaz’s life also can be well documented as PixieLab Photography and Films offered her lifetime photography and video service.

Free flights

Diaz also received a lifetime unlimited flight from Philippine Airlines and AirAsia.

Free fuel

Diaz can also go on her road trip without worrying about her fuel as she has a lifetime supply of it from Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc.

Free computer rent 

If Diaz gets bored, she can hang out at Allan’s internet shop branch in Caloocan to claim her lifetime free computer rent.

There’s only one problem though… we don’t know if this one actually exists.

Given the incentives Diaz enjoys, online social media expressed their happiness for the Olympic champion, and some even aspire to be like her. 

“Makapag simula na ng matinding training,” a Facebook user said

“May bago na akong pangarap. Magkaroon ng perks na gaya kay HIDILYN DIAZ!!” a Twitter user said with laughing emoji. 

“The Hidilyn Diaz getting perks left and right. Well deserved!!!” another online user wrote in a tweet. 

“Sa dami ng perks and rewards ni @diaz_hidilyn, malamang lahat ng magulang ngayon gusto ipasok sa sports mga anak nila,” an online user said.