Rider amuses Pinoys with acting skills as he reenacts Miss Universe pre-winner announcement

November 21, 2023 - 11:30 AM
foodpanda rider
Screengrab from the TikTok account of Cha Tuk Chak (Screengrab by Interaksyon from chatukchakph/TikTok)

A foodpanda rider amused Filipinos with his acting skills as he pretended to be a Miss Universe candidate moments before the winner was announced.

Cha Tuk Chak Philippines, a Thai tea brand, on Monday posted a video of a rider holding hands with another individual while waiting for his order from the kitchen.

A voice over can be heard in the new background: “The new Miss Universe is…”

There is a brief silence and then the staff calls the rider for his order: “foodpanda!”

The rider and the girl he was holding hands with erupt into cheers, acting like he won the beauty pageant.

“Thank you, Lord!” the rider exclaimed as he received his order.

“Ako nanalo! Yehey!” he added with a laugh.

A TikTok clip of it has amassed 83,400 views.

The tea brand captioned it with: “WALANG MAG-MO-MOVE ON!!! #DEElivery #MissUniverse #BrightenYourMood”

The hashtag “#DEElivery” is a play on Philippine bet Michelle Dee‘s name. She finished as a Top 10 finalist in Miss Universe 2023, which held its grand coronation in El Salvador last Sunday.

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The clip made Filipinos laugh, including the milk tea brand.

“ANG GENUINE NG REACTION NI KUYA,” a TikTok user wrote in the comments with emojis of a loudly crying face and beating heart.

“Truuuu, naiiyak [siyaaa],” Cha Tuk Chak responded.

Another TikTok user hoped that the foodpanda rider had a “free milk tea” for his good acting.

“Yes meroooon. Desurb na desurb!” the tea brand answered.

In the Miss Universe winner announcements, the last two candidates in the finals remain in the spotlight to see which one of them will bag the highly coveted crown.

One of them will be announced as the winner, while the other one is the first runner-up.

Before the announcement, each candidate faces the other and holds each other’s hands for emotional support.

For the 72nd edition of the pageant, this was down to Sheynnis Palacios of Nicaragua and Anntonia Porsild of Thailand.

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Sheynnis eventually won the crown while Anntonia finished as first runner-up.

Moraya Wilson of Australia ended as second runner-up.