Pinoy beauty queens, Anntonia Porsild ‘like’ Paula Shugart’s IG post on Anne Jakrajutatip

February 19, 2024 - 5:23 PM
Paula Shugart
Fashion and jewelry designer Charlie Lapson and former Miss Universe Organization owner Paula Shugart in this photo posted by Charlie on Instagram on Nov. 22, 2023 (charlielapson/Instagram)

Some Filipino beauty queens liked the Instagram post of former Miss Universe Organization (MUO) president Paula Shugart, who addressed alleged corruption accusations made by the new owner, Anne Jakrajutatip.

On Monday, February 19, the seasoned former beauty pageant executive shocked fans by announcing her intentions to file a lawsuit against the Thai mogul. She asserted that the mogul had made “recent false and outrageous comments” against her.

“Since announcing my resignation in November of 2023, I have sought to stay out of the spotlight, electing not to comment on any of the changes within the Miss Universe Organization, seeking only to quietly help the brand and its stakeholders, when requested, with my historical knowledge and guidance,” Paula wrote.

According to Paula, Anne accused her of corruption and accepting bribes to influence the selection of previous Miss Universe winners. The former MUO president said that such allegations discredit the achievements of past winners of the prestigious pageant.

Paula also included in her post screenshots of Anne’s supposed allegations written in Thai.

“Normally, I would choose to ignore such assertions but, by suggesting that I am corrupt and took money ‘under the table’ to secure placements in Miss Universe competitions, Jakrajutatip not only defames me, but she also discredits the women who have won the Miss Universe crown by implying their titles were ‘bought’ and not earned by merit,” the former MUO president wrote.

“I cannot abide by such dangerous and reckless assertions, which degrade the Miss Universe brand and its Titleholders,” she added.

Paula revealed she is “considering her legal options in Thailand,” including actions she “might take.”

“However, given that my complaint will be just one of many legal actions currently facing the owner of JKN, it is imperative for the Miss Universe brand and its legacy that I immediately speak the truth and condemn these words before taking any action in Thai courts and I am reserving all rights to claim for damages,” she said.

The former pageant exec added that she has “no intention or need to engage in drama on social media,” saying that those who know her know “the truth” and what she stands for.

“I will let my years of work with some truly incredible women speak for itself,” Paula concluded.

Her Instagram post has earned more than 12,000 likes, including from former Miss Universe titleholders Pia Wurtzbach and Catriona Gray, as well as Miss Universe 2023 Top 10 finalist Michelle Dee.

Miss Universe 2023 first runner-up Anntonia Porsild of Thailand also joined the liking spree.

Instagram likes_Paula Shugart
Screengrab from the Instagram post of former Miss Universe Organization president Paula Shugart as taken by Interaksyon on Feb. 19, 2024 (realpaulashugart/Instagram)

This was also noticed by some Pinoy pageant fans, who shared the observation on the X (formerly Twitter) platform.

Other personalities who backed Paula in the comments were former titleholders Ximena Navarrete and Lupita Jones, as well as former MUO talent director Esther Swan and Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez.

Anne recently shared an update on the X platform where she claimed that someone was “inviting” her out, according to an auto-translate of her Thai post.

“Firing (or, to put it politely, inviting me out) and resigning are different things… no one resigns!!! Only I gave the full amount of money legally and then found the right time, which is a little over 1 year has passed… after that, ‘Come out of the house’ to cleanse and create prosperity in the universe!” she wrote.

Reports claimed Anne also wrote of a certain woman who implemented a “corporate culture” that allowed the latter to “do her own things,” including things “under the table.”

“Do whatever you want for 25 years,  thinking that this universe is yours… It’s hard to come to terms with calling the new owner ‘boss…'” the Thai mogul added.

Paula served as the face of the MUO for 23 years before stepping down in November 2023.

She first joined MUO as a vice president of production in 1998.

Paula was then appointed to become its president in 2001. Her role included overseeing all business transactions, as well as the production of the pageant’s live worldwide telecast each year.

Esther Swan, the MUO’s director of talent development before, also bid farewell in May 2023 after serving the organization for 22 years.

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