In ‘Squid Game’ skit, Sassa Gurl slips in call to extend voter registration

September 24, 2021 - 6:38 PM
Screenshot of Sassa Gurl and photo of the doll from Netflix's "Squid Game" (Twitter, Facebook/Sassa Gurl, Netflix)

Popular TikTok creator Sassa Gurl referenced the clamor for the Commission on Elections Comelec to extend the voter’s registration in his take for the “Squid Game” trend.

Sassa Gurl posted the video on September 23 and captioned it with: “If gangster yung manika sa squid game.”

He was referring to the huge freaky doll featured on the first episode of the Korean Netflix series “Squid Game” (“Ojingeo Geim” in Korean).

This doll signals the 456 contestants to stop and go during the first game called “Red Light, Green Light.”

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In his video, Sassa Gurl appeared as the “doll” with a wig and a yellow-and-red outfit. However, in his version, the doll spoke to the “contestants” in a rather vulgar and snarky manner.

There was also an instance where he asked coyly to give a cute player a chance.

Near the end of the clip, some contestants requested for him to “extend the game.”

Sassa Gurl, as the doll, relented and said: “Oo naman ‘no mabait ako sa extension. Ano ako Comelec?”

As of writing, the video has over one million views on TikTok and at least 174,300 views on Twitter.

Twitter users immediately noticed this subtle address to Comelec and perceived it as a “shade.”

The national poll body previously refused to extend the deadline of voter’s registration period. It is set to end on September 30.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA ANG GALING MO SASSA NAILABAN ANG #ExtendVotersReg @COMELEC,” wrote Raoul Manuel, spokesperson for Kabataan party-list.

“COMELEC!! EXTENSION PLEASE (prayer emoji),” another user wrote.

“The shade (laughing emojis) Love you talaga @Itssassagurl!” one user said.

Both the Senate and the House of Representatives passed bills for a month-long extension for new registration.

Comelec Commissioner Marlon Casquejo made a counter-offer in a hearing to have this extension after the filing of certificates of candidacies this coming October.

“Our proposal, we extended to Senator Risa, is to give a one-week extension after the filing of COCs,” Casquejo said.

As of writing, there’s still no update if the poll body will agree to extend voter’s registration for the coming 2022 national elections.