Steffi Aberasturi receives messages of love after announcing end of Miss Universe Philippines 2022 bid

February 23, 2022 - 7:53 PM
Steffi Aberasturi
Miss Universe Philippines 2021 second runner-up Steffi Aberasturi in this photo by Bong Tan and Sash Factor online magazine as uploaded on her Instagram on Oct. 16, 2021. (Photo from Instagram/steffiaberasturi)

Messages of support were offered to Miss Universe Philippines 2021 second runner-up Steffi Aberasturi who said that she will not join the Miss Universe Philippines 2022 and will instead follow her “true desires.”

The 27-year-old Cebuana beauty made the announcement on Feb. 22, 2022, also dubbed as “Twosday” because of its palindrome characteristic.

“2.22.22 BEYOND THE UNIVERSE,” Steffi said on Facebook.

“From the moment I joined my first national pageant, I’ve been blessed with immense love and support by a community of dreamers. This has made my decision, of not joining MUPH2022, one of the most pivotal in my life as it is not just my dream at pay here,” she added.

MUPH2022 refers to Miss Universe Philippines 2022, which is set to crown its next queen in April.

“I’ve come to realize that the honor to inspire, uplift, and touch people’s lives has been what I’ve been searching for all along. That alone is beyond the universe. I will forever be grateful to all of you who dreamed with me and believed that the universe is just a Steff away,” the beauty queen said.

“Every end is a new beginning. As I close this chapter, looking forward to the bright unknown ahead, I am following my true desires with new goals and priorities. My heart has been telling me that I have the power to decide how this story will end,” Steffi continued.

“With this, I will boldly declare that this is not the one last Steff. Be it on top of a bridge, runway, on stage, or a church aisle, this will not be the final Steff either,” she further said.

Steffi got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Karl Arcenas, last month.

While Steffi’s announcement saddened some of her fans, there were others who wished her luck in her future endeavors.

“Thank you, Steffi Pearson Aberasturi. Good luck to your next journey,” a Facebook user wrote with pleading eyes emoji.

“We are def (definitely) heartbroken but you’re actually right. Our true inner purpose will always be beyond the ‘universe.’ Keep on shining, QUEEN STEFFI!!” another online user wrote with emojis of a crown, sparkles and a heart.

“Always here to support you, Queen Steffi. Good luck to your new endeavors,” a different fan likewise wrote.

“Queen, you are beloved. We all supporting you all the way,” commented another Facebook user.

Last month, there have been speculations whether Steffi’s engagement with her beau would “put a stop to her pageant dreams” or not.

Reports note that she was “busy posting her photo shoots” prior to the betrothal.