‘Unpopular opinions’ about Pinoy traditions that could get you ‘canceled,’ according to netizens

June 23, 2022 - 4:55 PM
Screenshot of @mayplanoba's tweet on June 20,2022.

Filipinos on Twitter shared quips and experiences on some customs and traditions that look usual, but at some point, “problematic.”

The discussion started after a Twitter user @mayplanoba tweeted a picture of Flynn Rider from the Disney animated picture “Tangled,” surrounded by swords on Monday. He captioned it with the following text: “Unpopular opinion about Filipino customs/tradition that will get you–”

In an interview, the Twitter user said he thought of starting the discussion due to “recent issues.”

“Dami kasi ‘hot takes’ on issues recently, naisip ko; ano ‘yung mga saloobin natin about our own culture/customs/traditions na minsan di tayo talaga sang-ayon pero dahil nakasanayan o nakalakihan na, naranasan natin,” he said.

He did not expect his tweet to blow up but he emphasized the importance of having open conversations about the said issues.

“Yung buksan ang usapan/talakayan tungkol sa mga bagay at makakuha ng iba ibang perspektibo. Ika nga, mas maigi pagusapan ang mga ideya kesa personalidad at tao,” he said in an interview with Interaksyon.

On discipline

User @uncertainleague cited the use of corporal punishment of Filipinos as a way of disciplining children, as among the “unpopular opinions” on Pinoy customs.

“Stop hitting your kids and passing it off as ‘discipline’ or telling them that you weren’t actually mad at them and that you were just caring for them by “removing bad attitudes”. we all know that you hit your kids to let your anger out, there’s no point in hiding it,” the user said.

Family matters

Other Filipinos also cited “utang na loob”  or debt of gratitude, just like how parents treat their children “retirement plans” after they are brought up.

“Yung maling concept ng ‘utang na loob’ to the point na you have to suffer ‘kapalit’ ng pagtulong na supposedly kusa,” @mayplano ba said as a primer.

“This has been mentioned several times, pero kalinya nito yung anak ang retirement plan ng mga magulang,” he added.

As of writing, the two tweets already garnered 4,922 likes and 683 retweets.

“Using your child as an investment because they provided good things for you and you should do the same when they retire,” user @brixmn said.

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Still, on the matter of family, some Filipinos talked about being passive toward a family who committed abusive acts for the reason that “they are still family.”

“Kamaganak/kadugo mo pa din yan kaya kailangan mo pa din respetuhin” even when they were abusive towards you and your family physically/financially/emotionally/mentally,” user @SungEmpress said.

“Yung ayaw nako-korek ng mga mas matatanda kapag kinokorek ng mga mas bata na nagsasabi ng tama at totoo, yung nagagalit pa at hindi marunong mag-apologize kahit proven na mali,”  user @itsmeannamiin said.

“Yung hindi normal sa pamilya na pag-usapan ang mga proactive plans, issues, solutions, at nagagalit pa,” the user added.

On beliefs

Adding on the matter of beliefs, another Filipino brought up the hypocrisy of some families.

“Ayaw sa divorce pero andaming broken family. Andaming LGBTQ pero ayaw sa same sex marriage. Christian values daw pero deep-seeded ang corruption sa kultura natin,”  user @SijPerilous said.

Another user pointed out how children would not like the church if they are forced to attend mass.

“Forcing your kid to go to church probably won’t make your child religious as you thought they would be… and it would also make them hate the church more,” user @irnnrcsa said.

“You are not a knight of shining armor,” said another Twitter user who pointed out the problem of a man’s continued courtship despite a woman’s rejection.

“Feeling kasi ng mga lalaki it shows their resilience and effort, pero no… it just shows that you can’t take no for an answer and you’ll do anything in your power to get what you want lmao,” user @andreynotandrei said.

On the lighter side, two Filipinos cited the burden of giving people treats during one’s birthday.

“People expecting you to treat them when it’s your birthday.  Entitled masyado! I much prefer the other way around… you spoil your friend when it’s their birthday!”  user @stefjacinto said with a “haha” emoji.

“Ikaw ang magbirthday pero ikaw manlilibre,” user @MLAntoinette pointed out.

As of writing, the tweet on unpopular opinions earned 12,000 likes, 10,100 quote retweets, and 2,107 retweets.