‘Tungkol sa ordinaryong Pilipino’: Martial Law movie ‘Katips’ earns buzz

July 29, 2022 - 1:30 PM
Katips The Movie
A still from "Katips: The Movie" directed by Vince Tañada as shared by Renz Saavedra on his Facebook on July 28, 2022. (Facebook/christianrenzsaavedra)

A Martial Law-themed movie is gaining traction online as it is set in a historic period in the Philippines.

Some Filipinos urged the public to see “Katips: The Movie,” a film based on a 2016 stage musical that narrates the life of students and activists during Martial Law.

The movie’s description from its teaser trailer reads:

In the midst of uncertainty, there’s no other passion that can pull us back to freedom but the burning fire that hides within each of us. #Katips is a tale of the young, in their fight for their ideals, how big can one get against a force too much bigger than yourself.

The movie is written and directed by Vince Tañada, who has received awards from the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Awards, Palanca and Aliw Awards.

It stars Jerome Ponce, Nicole Laurel, Adelle Ibarrientos, Johnrey Rivas, Joshua Bulot, Vean Olmedo, Dexter Doria, Lou Veloso, OJ Arci, Dindo Arroyo, Afi Africa, Patricia Ismael, Carla Lim, Chris Lim and Mon Confiado.

The movie also features the ensemble cast of the Philippine Stagers Foundation.

Two of its lead characters are journalist Panyong (played by Tañada) and student leader Greggy (played by Ponce), whose leader—a professor from the University of the Philippines—is arrested and salvaged.

The professor’s haughty daughter, Lara (played by Nicole Laurel Asensio), arrives from New York, unaware of her father’s situation.

While in the country, Lara falls in love and has a profound change in her values.

The movie has earned 17 nominations from FAMAS in some of the following categories: Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Sound and Best Visual Effects, among others.

Some Filipinos urged the public to “support” it as it premieres in cinemas on August 3, the same date as Darryl Yap’s dramedy, “Maid in Malacañang.”

It aims to depict the Marcos family’s last 72 hours in the Palace before fleeing to Hawaii following the People Power Revolution.

“Vince Tañada, the director, screenwriter and an actor in the film, is a lawyer and is also related to the late nationalist Atty. Lorenzo Tañada, who was staunchly against the Marcoses back in the day,” a Twitter user said.

“Walang ibang version ang HISTORY, dun tayo sa kung ano ang TOTOO. Suportahan po natin sila! Panuorin po natin. Ikalat sa mga kaibigan,” content creator Renz Saavedra said on Facebook.

“Btw, hindi ito tungkol sa mga kulay pulitika. Hindi kay Cory, Kay Ninoy, Kay Marcos. Tungkol ito sa mga ordinaryong Pilipino na naging biktima ng masahol at mapang-aping rehimen,” he added, sharing stills of the movie.

“Ang tatapat sa kasinungalingan ay ang katotohanan!” YouTuber Marcopaulogy said.

Recently, another filmmaker bared that he would make a movie to counter Yap’s dramedy.

“Hahanap lang tayo ng producer. ’Pag pinag-uusapan po pera, napakahirap, lalo na politika ang iyong sasabihin. Maraming ayaw po, iyon ang totoo,” veteran filmmaker Joel Lamangan said before.

Lamangan was among the young people imprisoned during the Martial Law years, being a member of the militant group Kabataang Makabayan at that time.