‘Screenshot mo na lang’: Filipino pages mark US’ National Lazy Day with witty posts

August 10, 2022 - 6:00 PM
Lazy Day
Office flat vector created by vectorjuice via freepik.com

The sun is out and about for most parts of the country after days of rainfall, but some local social media pages jested of being “lazy” to work due to an unofficial holiday.

The National Lazy Day is being commemorated on August 10. It is an unofficial holiday in the United States, but some news outlets in the Philippines also mark this day with various witty posts.

Others, however, were more meta in their approach.

The Manila Public Information Office shared a screenshot of a conversation that orders someone to create a pubmat or publication material for the American holiday.

“Oyy happy-happy lang ah bawal away o gulo (confounded face emoji). Next year na uli balik trabaho na uli byers~” the page  administrator wrote in the comments.

The Valenzuela Public Information Office simply shared a Windows print screen of Microsoft Paint.

An online platform for the Philippine elections also shared a conversation and the result of the requested pubmat.

“Tinatamad daw GA namin gumawa ng graphics dahil Lazy Day tapos Hump Day pa, screenshot ko na lang daw. Idagdag pang Petsa de Peligro na. Ano ba ‘tong midweek?” e-Boto posted.

“Hump Day” refers to Wednesday or the middle point of a working week, while “petsa de peligro” is a Spanish term used to describe the period during the month when one is low on cash with payday just a day away.

Meanwhile, an aquatic pet store shared a pubmat with a template sporting aminimalist design.

“National Lazy Day. Okay na yan teh?” Pingu’s Aquatics said.

A science organization went beyond the norm and did not post a pubmat for the occasion.

“Wlng pbmt o screensht pra s lazy day ngyon,” ScienceKonek said, using shortened words to emphasize the “lazy” vibe.

The origins of the US’ National Lazy Day is unknown, except Americans celebrate it on August 10.

The unofficial holiday is also reportedly celebrated in other countries like the United Kingdom.

The occasion, according to a software company, appeared to be created in the 2000s.

It gives the workaholics a chance to wind down and recharge from the daily grind, among others.